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2015_07_25-01 I cooked a package of small elbow macaroni.  For 99 cents’ worth of macaroni, I got a large casserole of Wolf-Brand Chili With Beans and elbows, two dishes of pasta salad, and the small container of about a cup of cooked elbow macaroni which I ate with a drizzle of olive oil for lunch.  Those long-time followers of this blog will know that I am rather fond of Wolf-Brand Chili With Beans mixed with pasta (spaghetti or elbows), shredded cheese, chopped black olives and raw onions.  It makes a nice meal all by itself.  Since I was going to be chopping onions, I made a bowl of beet salad also.  I’ll be able to eat on this food all week.

The pasta salad has chopped chicken breast, small English peas, black olives, carrots, celery, white onions, green onions, chopped kosher dill spears, and mayo.   The beet salad has diced pickled beets, white onions, kosher dill spears, and mayo.

2015_07_18-02In the knitting news, I finished the booties that go with the little purple cardigan.  That leaves me with the Little Miss Rae bonnet to finish, the Meadowsweet booties to finish, the Meadowsweet bonnet to knit, and the diagonal baby afghan to finish.  (I also have a lot of ends to weave in and buttons to sew on!) I also (finally) wrote the pattern for drool bibs.  I’ll put the pattern modifications for this little cardigan (modified version at right) and for both bootie tops (this one and the Meadowsweet dress one), as well as the drool bib pattern, on my knitting blog next week sometime.  While I’m updating my knitting blog, I really, really need to update my Ravelry projects page, and link my patterns and modifications back to my knitting blog.

Once I get the baby stuff on it’s way to grandma in Pearland, I’ve got scarves to shorten for my mom, I need to finish the semicircular shawl I’m doing for my BFF, and a hat and scarf I’m doing for my friend in MI. I need to make a horseshoe muffler for my cousin’s wife in NM, and then I’ll start in on the 6-month size baby clothes. . .

Looks like mom and I may be doing another road trip in October.  The Pearland Historical Society is having some kind of do that mom wants to go to, and we may combine that trip and the Round Top trip into one.