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Not a good day.  Tried to pay bills last night and the power company’s website wouldn’t let me on.  After I couldn’t get on the electric company’s website, I paid my Consumer Cellular bill and they took the payment out twice, which meant I was a dollar short of the money I needed to pay my electric bill, which is due today — I still couldn’t get on the website.  When I finally got through the phone tree and got a real person on the phone, it seems they’re having a security issue with Firefox and they want you to use Internet Explorer, which is a piece of crap, to put it politely.  The only computer virus I ever had on this computer (touch wood!) I got using Internet Explorer and it took the Geek Squad five hours and cost me $50 to get it removed. Couldn’t get the payment to go through because I didn’t have enough money in the bank!

Oh, Consumer Cellular reversed the erroneous charge yesterday after I called them and took them to task about it, but apparently it takes three to five business days for their computer to electronically call their bank’s computer to tell it to electronically call my bank’s computer and electronically give it my money back.  Three to five business days to “electronically” reverse a charge.  (@#$%^&*!)  So I had to go throw on some clothes and drive over to the bank (did I mention it’s 91F/32.7C outside at the moment?) and put $5 in my account so I would have enough to pay my electricity bill, which is due today, while I’m waiting three to five business days for my $17.95 to be electronically put back in my account.  (*&^%$#@!)

2015_07_15-03I did not go to knitting group last time, as we had gone and gone and gone for the previous four days on our trip to Capitan to visit the cousin, and I just wanted to not go anywhere for a while.  Did go yesterday, though, and there must have been twenty people there — an excellent turnout.  We had two new ladies come, one learning knitting and one learning to do those scarves that look like feather boas only made of this special ribbon and not nearly as tacky looking.  I’ve been making some for mom, but the ones I made her are too long, and I haven’t had the time to fix them what with 2015_07_15-04making baby clothes.  I’ve got to get the first installment of baby clothes in the mail by the end of July.  I finished the little cardigan in purple, which is a modification of this pattern, which I modified by shortening the sleeves, and doing some extra little purl row doodads on the hem.  The cuffs of the booties will have a ruffle that mirrors the purl row/yarn over eyelet design on the hem.  I will post the modifications on my knitting blog as soon as I get the other two days of our trip written up.  Later.  I know it’s been almost two weeks.  Just bear with me.

When I booted my computer up today, Windows did 37,092 updates.  I exaggerate not. 37,092.  I wrote the number down so I’d get it right.  Of course, I was in a hurry wanting it to boot up already . . . .  So, why does Windows 7 need to do 37,092 updates when Windows 10 is supposed to come out the 29th?

I watched too much TV during the daytime last month.  I have a 36-inch cathode ray tube TV which puts out heat like a son of a gun.  In the summer, when it’s hot, if I watch TV in the daytime, my AC runs almost constantly despite the thermostat’s being in the hallway.  At night I run the fan which helps mix the air and keeps it from getting sweating hot in the living room when the TV’s on.  My mom remarked on my keeping my blinds closed in the daytime (she always opens hers all over the house), but I don’t dare open the blinds on the huge west window.  So, because I watched too much TV in the daytime last month, my electric bill was higher than giraffe’s ears from the AC running constantly. Sigh. At least in the wintertime when the weather’s cold, that hulking behemoth of a TV does help heat the house. Sigh.

I always try to record shows that look interesting so I can watch them later.  I’ve recorded a lot of stuff I want to watch on TV, but because it’s too hot to watch TV during the daytime, I end up going back to the schedule my body just naturally wants to keep of staying up all night (watching TV) and sleeping during the day. But then that puts me out of sync with the daytime world.  It wasn’t so much of a problem when I was living at the duplex because the room the TV was in was about twice the size of my current living room, and for most of the time I was living there, I was working nights anyway.

I’ve got the whole last season (9 episodes) of “Downton Abbey” recorded, and the first four installments of the new version of “Poldark,” a couple of episodes of “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell,”and five or six episodes of my knitting shows, and a bunch of other shows — one about Herculaneum, a couple astronomy/physics shows by this one presenter I like, and four episodes of the PBS series, “How We Got to Now,” which is pretty interesting.

I’ve just discovered there are six more Poldark books that I haven’t read, and which I don’t have. When I got the Poldark books in the 1980’s, six was all there were.  Unbeknownst to me, Winston Graham kept on writing more of them.  Six more.  Looks like the best deal I can get from Amazon on used paperback copies is $7, plus $4 shipping, but then I can get them new at $13.46 with free shipping. The Kindle editions are $7.55 a pop, but I’d rather have the dead tree edition, thank you.  I might can squeeze one or even two into the budget for August.  Payday is next week.  Sigh. Of course, I’ll wait until I’ve gotten all of the remaining six and binge read the lot.  That ought to take me at least a week.  I’m up to 90 books read in 2015 so far.

I made some tuna salad Monday, and it’s been calling my name for the last ten minutes.  I’d better go see what it wants.