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IMG_0167I still have two more posts to write about our sojourn in NM.  I need to email my cousin’s and ask about her horse Dakota.  The last night we were there, my cousin forgot and left a gate open and Dakota got out where he could get into the barn and get at the alfalfa hay and pigged out. He was also out in a pasture, and could graze all night, too, which wouldn’t have done him any harm.  It was the pigging out on the alfalfa that had her concerned.  He’s 29 years old, (in the foreground above) but he’s part Arabian and they are of sterner stuff than your average cow pony.  According to her, he’s in better shape than the 13-year-old Buddy.  Anyway, I’m concerned about him.

This past Wednesday, I had to deal with a toilet that ran over.  Again.  Same one that ran over last Wednesday.  Had to wash the bath mats and towels again.  I’m going to have to invest in a mop and a bucket, I guess.  The lady across the way has obviously had her baby since flushing baby wipes down the toilet is what is stopping the sewer line up. That’s twice in one week.  Gets a bit old.

Tonight I made two cans’ worth of tuna salad and a can’s worth of beet salad.  Used up a fair sized onion in the process.  They’re in the fridge chilling, and I’m at the computer chilling.  Listening to Eleftheria Arvanitaki on Rhapsody.  Greek singer.  Sings in Greek.  Quite nice, actually. I’m kind of expressing solidarity with the Greeks whose country is in a mell of a hess financially at the moment and there doesn’t seem to be a lot anybody is able to do about it.

Anyway, I’ll get around to finishing up the posts on my trip.  And I’ve got to finish up the first installment of baby clothes.  I’ve been informed the baby is due within the next 35 days.  My dad’s 93rd birthday would have been on the 21st of August.  Be interesting if the baby is born on his birthday.