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There’s the below, which is a little snatch of weather from what we out here in the flatlands like to call sky country.  This is a time lapse video, shot at one second intervals using a Canon 5dmII with wide angle lenses, of an amazing stationary supercell produced over the Black Hills of South Dakota near Rapid City on June 1, 2015. The video was shot by storm chaser , (© 2015). The music is  ‘Storm’ © by Ryan Taubert

Here are some more outstanding weather videos.

Here’s what you get when you divide 9 cats into 20 boxes:

2015_07_02-01And apparently, Las Cruces, New Mexico has a Cat Library.  As I have mentioned, my cousin JP lives near Capitan, NM, and it’s only 125 miles between Capitan and Las Cruces, and just south of Las Cruces is a town called Mesilla that has a restaurant, La Posta de Mesilla, that’s in an old adobe stagecoach inn.  Probably not this trip, but at some future visit to my cousin (now that I have a car I’m not afraid to take out on the highway), I’d like to go back to Mesilla.  The town square is historic and has been preserved, with the old adobe mission church.  I have two cups and a beaker I got there when I went in the 1980’s to visit this cousin’s mother who lived in El Paso, Texas at the time.  She was my mother’s oldest sister, and I was named for her.  I had my first Toyota Corolla then,  a silver one, which I traded in for the Crayola of cherished memory because it did not have air conditioning.

Oh, and we had another round of the stopped up sewer line game, which line upped the ante by backing up a bowl of “used toilet water,” she says euphemistically, all over the half bath’s floor.  It’s fixed now.  I’ve had to do two loads of clothes instead of just the one, with the second load being bath mats and the towels I used to sop up the mess.  I definitely need to invest in, at the very least, a mop bucket.  I also need a broom.  When I moved in, I wasn’t planning to have to sweep off the porch.