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I didn’t get a lot of knitting done last week because I got a lot of reading done.  Read probably 5 books quite literally back to back in great huge gulps.  Reading up onto Dragon In Exile by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the latest book in the Liaden Universe series, by rereading the books in the order of the internal chronology of the story rather than in publication order.  This is the third reread of some of the books, and they are still as hard to put down as they were on first reading.  If you like your SciFi with less “hard science” and more complex, multidimensional characters and relationships, check these books out.  People call them “space opera” like that’s a bad thing.  These are character/relationship driven stories with a large dollop of comparative sociology on an interplanetary scale that raise a whole series of thought provoking questions about how we define ourselves and others within the context of social structures. Thing is, I’ve got right in the middle of one, and two more after that to go.  Clutch turtles and a gigantic bored tree — what’s not to like?

Then, there’s this:

For the last couple of days, I’ve been driving on less than a quarter of a tank of gas, knowing that I’m going to be filling up the tank on my mom’s nickle for our very upcoming trip to visit my cousin in New Mexico, and I had 54 miles* left on the tank when I started running errands today, and 34 miles* left when I pulled into the Walmart parking lot to get groceries, and I know that I’m going to have to drive home, then drive the black kitty to the pet hotel at Petsmart and then drive over to pick up my mom, and then drive to where ever it is I’m going to gas up before we head out on our merry way, and I’m pretty sure that if you run completely out of gas in my car, you can’t just pour some gas in and go on, but that you have to have it towed to the dealership and they have to do something to it first, and I caved and put in $5’s worth of gas (2.1 gallons as it happens) at the Walmart pumps on my way home, so now I have 92 miles* left on the tank of gas and I know for sure I’m not going to run out of gas before I fill up right before we head out on the highway.  The suspense was beginning to get to me.

At some point here directly, I’m going to have to get into the closet and fetch down my wheelie suitcase so I can pack for the trip.  Where my cousin lives is up in the mountains at an elevation of  6,530 ft/1,990 m (versus 3,256 ft/992 m here) so it’s cooler there than here, especially at night.  Also, because of the higher elevation, one is more prone to sunburn, another reason to wear long sleeves.  I also bought a tube of sun screen and am considering taking a hat.  The town where they live is in Lincoln County, New Mexico, which is Billy the Kid country, the site of the Lincoln County Wars.

We’ve been promised a parade and a rodeoYee-Haw.

*these are not actual distance miles, but “figurative miles” based on the amount of fuel remaining in the tank divided by the average miles per gallon, meaning you can use up “miles” while stopped at a traffic light.