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We had a power outage at some point early Friday morning, but it came back on.  Since I could get on the internet, I assumed things were status quo.  Alas, not.  While I was watching TV Friday night, I tried to search for an upcoming program and the TIVO informed me that it was not going to perform my search because a certain cable was not connected, and it was going to sit there and pout until I reconnected it.  So there.   I called Suddenlink technical support, worked my way through their phone decision tree and ended up, not with a techistani*, but with a very nice American lady.  We unplugged, did countdowns, and plugged back in this thing, and restarted that thing, and she did this and that line test.  None of the many things we tried succeeded in cajoling the TIVO out of its pout, and a technician was duly scheduled to come out to my house bright and early Monday morning and replace my MoCA box which was likely the source of the problem with the TIVO.  The power outage had apparently made my MoCA box unhappy and consequently, it would not light up all its lights, which made the TIVO unhappy.  This made me unhappy, as my BFF was supposed to come over Sunday and we would decide which pay per view movie we would watch using my free movie ticket.

However, my BFF is taking Cipro for a urinary tract infection, her digestive system was pitching a snit fit about it, and she cancelled, which worked out just fine actually since my TIVO was in a pout because it thought I had disconnected its cable.

I had to get up at 7:30 Monday morning (I usually get up at 9) so I could shower, dress, and be ready for the tech support guy, who arrived promptly at 8:05. Unfortunately, he could not convince the TIVO that, indeed, all of its cables were connected in the prescribed manner, nor could he get all the lights to light on the MoCA box.   He replaced the MoCA box.  Three times.  Finally, he found one that would light up all its lights, but the TIVO was still unhappy and was still insisting that one of its cables was not connected. He replaced the cable modem**.  This succeeded in making the MoCA box happy, the TIVO happy and got both of them to play nice.

Of course, because I had a new cable modem, that meant my old secret WIFI password was no good any more.  I had to whisper the new secret WIFI password to both internet radios and my Kindle so they could get back into the secret WIFI club again.  Grumble.  Shot my whole morning.  (The cable tech was not happy either because the tech support guy who usually went to Post had a dead car battery, so they wanted him to drive to Post and fix the cable at the prison, and he (a) did not want to have to drive all the way to Post and then have to drive all the way back, and (b) was not at all happy about having to go to the prison.  I didn’t blame him.)

2015_05_30-07I spent Monday afternoon working on the sleeves to the little purple baby sweater and the  booties for the meadow sweet dress.  I was in the middle of futzing with the stitch pattern for the ruffle on the baby booties when my mom called.  Her doorbell extension we ordered had arrived and she wanted me to come make it work.  I wasn’t dressed to go out, was right in the middle of trying to figure out how to reverse the stitch pattern for the skirt of the meadowsweet dress so it would turn out right when knitted from the wrong side, so I could make the ruffles for the matching baby booties, and I told her I’d come Tuesday afternoon late.

Turns out she has a Hispanic guy (one of the numerous friends and relations of her yard guy) coming out Tuesday (today) at around noon to repaint her porch, because the paint that’s on there is flaking and is unsightly(!).  In the meantime, she’s got a luncheon she’s going to at 11:30, and won’t be back from that until 2 or 3 o’clock, which is fine.  It’ll be late in the afternoon before I’ve taken my shower, washed my hair and gotten dressed.  Tonight is knitting group.  I’ll go by her house, get her doorbell sorted, and go on to knitting group from there.

*a “technical support” person who works in a tech support call center in India, the Philippines, or somewhere else where English is not the native language, and wages are cheap relative to the US.
**The internet has a box (internet modem), the phone has a box (phone modem), the TV has a box (combo cable box and DVR) and the TIVO has a box (MoCa), all of which are interconnected in devious and arcane ways with coaxial cables, phone lines, and power cords.  These boxes all contain pieces of phlebotinum making them persnickety and obstreporous to the unitiated who do no know the secret mouth position that one must assume in order to make these devices play nice with one another.
(!) My mom is a Virgo.  Everything in her world must be neat, clean, and otherwise ship shape and Bristol fashion.  anything that is not, is “unsightly” and will drive her nuts until it is made “sightly” again.  Even if its not her stuff.  Sigh.