I dropped off my donations at Catholic Family Services, who I prefer as, unlike the big name charities, their charitable work is done locally, and the money stays locally.  Then I took the UPS to Battery Joe.  They tested it for me and the one surge protected plugs were OK, but the UPS plugs were not live, even with a fresh battery.  Since the UPS was not fully functional, there was no point in keeping it and the Battery Joe guy was kind enough to dispose of the UPS as well as the dead battery for me.

Then I went to Walmart and bought groceries, and doubled back and went to The Fortune Cookie, which is my favorite “Chinese” restaurant.  I got my usual:  Almond chicken and Shanghai chicken with an order of cheese wontons.  They do a thing where you have a plate with rice, an egg roll, a fortune cookie, and your choice of one, two or three entrees from a list of about 10 of them.  You can mix and match, but I prefer to get one plate with two of almond chicken and a second plate with two of Shanghai chicken.  I can get three or four meals out of those two plates of food.  I’ve been going to this one restaurant since the 1980’s, and the Chinese-American lady and her husband who owned it got to be friends.  Last year, they sold the restaurant to another Chinese-American couple and retired.  I am happy to say the quality of the food has not suffered in the change of ownership.

2015_04_22-012015_06_11-02I ripped out and restarted the baby booties to the meadow sweet dress.  I had done them on size 3 needles and they were too big.  I dropped back to a size 2 and they are just right.  I’m up to the cuffs now.   I’m having to take a break from knitting at the moment.  The way I hold my knitting needles, the needle lays across the side of my left ring finger.  Because the needle is so small, it tends to cut into and pinch the skin (and the nerve to my fingertip ) against the bone.  If I knit too long, I end up with a tingly fingertip because the needle has pinched the nerve.  I think I may see if I can get a tailor’s thimble and see how that works.  They’re made to go on the middle finger, so they should be big enough to slip past the first joint of my ring finger.  I need to make about two more pairs of baby booties for the “first batch” of baby clothes.  I plan to send the smallest things first, and send the six-month size later.

I made another batch of pasta salad this afternoon and decided to write it up for my “Lunch in the Life” tags (like “A Day In The Life of” only with lunch).  So, here it is.

Pasta Salad

2015_06_20-01This is what I put in this batch of pasta salad.

Approximately a cup and a half of cooked elbow macaroni (about a third of a package).

About 8 cherry tomatoes cut into quarters.

Five green onions, sliced.

2015_06_20-02Four sticks of celery, diced.

About a cup of chopped chicken breast.

A small can of sliced olives.

A chopped dill pickle spear (just for piquance).

About a third of a cup of mayonnaise.

About a tablespoon of Ranch salad dressing.

2015_06_12-01Add the Ranch dressing and mayonnaise last and stir well, coating all the ingredients.  Chill.  Serve.  Snarf.

This is my version.  You can add or remove ingredients to suit your own taste — like carrots, or nuts, or whatever.   It’s quick, easy.  The most time consuming thing is the prep; chopping everything up.  Took me about half an hour to make.