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At some point late last night or early this morning, we had a power outage, and the lack of noise from my fan and my air purifier woke me up.  I realized the power was out, but it was still dark, so I rolled over and went back to sleep.  I dreamed we had a power outage.  I was in my mom’s house and she came home, and I said, “Guess what.  The power’s out.”  There was a part about how I was living in the upstairs of a house that had been converted to an apartment which has faded now.  Then, the grey kitty, my baby girl, who I lost over a month ago came walking into the room.  I knew she was gone and that I didn’t have her any more, but there she was, alive and well like she had been several years ago.  I called her; she came to me and I picked her up and loved her.  I knew it was really her, but I couldn’t understand how she could still be there when I knew she was gone.  Maybe it was another kitty just exactly like her, but how could that be? . . .

In the dream, the power was still out, and when  I woke up, the power was still out.  It was a little surreal.  Most of my clocks either run off a battery or have battery backups, so I knew it was 8:15 in the morning.  My computer and printer and a bunch of other stuff on my desk are all plugged into two little uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), so if I happen to be working on the computer when the power goes off, they automatically switch to the battery backup and give me 10 minutes to save any data and turn my computer off in a controlled fashion.  The UPS’s were beeping like they do when the power goes out and they’re running on battery.  I went in to the office, turned off the one that’s on my desk, then crawled under my desk to turn the one off that’s on the floor behind the filing cabinet.  There was enough daylight to read by in the front room, and I thought I’d sit and read for a while.  By then it was 9 o’clock, so I took my meds and was getting something to drink so I could sit and read for a while, when the power came back on.

IMG_0001I went back to the office to turn my UPS’s back on, and only one side of the small UPS came back on, because the clock never came on and my printer won’t turn on.   Once upon a time, I ran two computers; I had one that was only used for work and my personal one for play.  I had bought two big UPS strips, one for each computer — when I was working, I had to have one on my work computer.  When I first started working for national transcription services, they provided computer equipment which had already been set up with their software and data security protocols.  One company I worked for that provided you with a computer also provided a UPS for it.  When I quit working for them and packed the computer up to send it back, I asked them if they wanted the UPS back, and they said they didn’t, so I ended up with a third, smaller UPS.  That’s the one that’s not working.  I’ve replaced the batteries on each UPS strip at least once, and the last time I replaced a battery on one of the big units, I bought an extra battery.

I think the battery on the small one may be dead and, of course, that’s the one I don’t have an extra battery for.  Here in a minute, I’m going to take it to Battery Joe and have them test it, and if it is the battery, I can get a replacement battery from them.  If it’s the UPS itself that’s defunct, I do have that second big UPS.  I’ll just have to move the filing cabinet out about three inches to accommodate it. I’ve got some other errands I need to run, and I need to put gas in the car, so I can go by Battery Joe while I’m out doing all the other things I need to do.