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Woke up from an awful dream a while ago.   In the dream, I was getting something done to my hair at this little hole-in-the-wall beauty shop that had a garage door as the front of the shop (!).  I had fallen asleep, woke up on a pile of old clothes (which didn’t seem to bother me much!) and decided I’d better go home.  I was looking through the old clothes trying to find my car keys, but couldn’t find them or my purse.  Then I came to the realization that not only had my purse been stolen, my (red) car had been stolen as well.  I thought I should call the police, but there wasn’t a phone.  I decided to walk home.  One of the beauty shop girls (the beauty shop was apparently run for nefarious purposes by a drug dealer) was talking about the drug dealer owner and what a really terrible man he was.  She said that he said she was supposed to make up a question that had this one particular answer, and then ask me to answer it.  If I answered it correctly, I would get $27,000.  If I didn’t answer it correctly, he would kill me.  I just walked out the front of this shop (which was an open garage door!) and started trying to find my way home through a downtown area.  I was worrying about telling my parents my car and purse had been stolen, that whoever had stolen my purse had my debit card and had probably cleaned out my bank account, and what was I going to do?  I thought that my car insurance would probably replace my car, but I was really in a bad situation and I needed to get home. I wandered into this furniture store where Brett Favre, the football quarterback, was testing recliners . . . and that’s when I woke up.  (It was such a disturbing dream, I actually got out of bed and went into the dining room and looked through the blinds to see if my car was still there!)  When I have a bad dream like that, I have to get up and move around and do something to distract myself before I can go back to bed and back to sleep, — so here I am.

The other day, I got this and this (adult woman) sweater pattern and a (baby) blanket pattern (!) from Madelinetosh, who I discovered through the blog Soulemama. Soulemama made the Tea Leaves Cardigan, which I liked the look of, and while I was looking for that pattern, I found the other ones. The Tea Leaves Cardigan is the third pattern I’ve found through her blog.  The first one was the Shalom Vest which I made for my mom.  The second was the February Lady Sweater, which I haven’t made yet.  Madelinetosh has all this “artisanal” yarn (Oh, puleeze!) for sale.  In the first place, if you can’t buy it at Michael’s or Walmart, I’m not really interested in it.  In the second place, most of their yarn has some species of wool in it, and I don’t do wool.  I don’t do artisanal yarn either.   My income would have to be fixed a lot better than it is before I’d shell out that kind of dough for yarn. (Frankly, I associate “artisanal” with “snobbery” and the whole “Yuppie” ethos, which I don’t buy into at all.)

I’ve finished rereading the Foreigner series by C. J. Cherryh (16 books and counting).  She is probably my most favorite author.  She is one of the few authors whose books I will buy simply because their name is on the cover.  I just got a new Liaden book by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  I will be rereading that whole Liaden sequence in order to fit the new one into the story arc.  They are another of those authors whose books I will buy just because their names are on the cover.

When I paid my rent the other day, I found out that the apartment complex where I live is under new management.  Of course, my over-riding concern about this development is whether the new owners will raise the rent.  I would not like to have to go back to working in order to keep this roof over my head.  One thing in the new owner’s favor, they have kept the same apartment manager, an older “single” woman whom I have become acquainted with (she has a daughter in college), and they have kept the same maintenance guys, one of whom I hope will be fixing the sink faucet in my en suite half bath which is corroded to the point of flaking rust onto the surrounding sink and counter and which leaks when I turn it on more than a trickle.  I recently (finally!) put some slow drain cleaner down that sink drain.  I had not been able to run the faucet more than a trickle or the sink filled up and took forever to drain. (The white kitty and the grey kitty used to drink from the sink tap while I was brushing my teeth.) I discovered the severe corrosion when I turned the faucet on full force to flush the drain out after I put the drain cleaner down it.  The black one does not get up on the bathroom counter, and is not interested in drinking from anywhere except his water bowl and the pet fountain. I can always tell when he’s been drinking from the pet fountain because his forehead is wet.

I’ve been getting nag ads for a free download of Windows 10.  I’m of two minds about it.  Not having to pay for a new version of Windows is appealing, but one concern is how nicely it and the software I already have will play together.  How well will Firefox, and specifically the NewsFox add-on, work with Windows 10.  I like NewsFox.  I like the way it works.  I have all the blogs and webcomics I follow set up in NewsFox, and it would truly be a PITA to have to find another feed reader I like and have to set up all my feeds again. I guess I need to take screen shots of all my feeds just in case, so if I download Windows 10 (I probably will) and NewsFox doesn’t work, I can recover all my feeds in another feed reader. Sigh.  Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

The last time I booted up my computer (and got the first Windows 10 nag ad), I was searching Google trying to find out about Windows 10 and what the benefit was for me to change to it, and every time I pressed the “1/!” key, it would flip my browser window from the right monitor to the left monitor.  Every. Cotton-Picking*. Time.  ARGH!  I accessed forums to see if I could find this bug mentioned.  No joy.  The “1” on the 10-key pad worked just fine.  It only happened when I used the “1/!” key on the top row of the keyboard. Boink! My browser window jumped to the other screen.  Maddening!  Then, when I accessed Word to see if the problem occurred in that program, it quit.  Just like that. Don’t know why it started.  Don’t know why it stopped.  Just this maddening little aggravation suddenly appearing in my life, and then just going away.  I guess the world felt it needed to remind me that it could yank my chain whenever it wanted to for no good reason.  Sigh.

It occurred to me earlier that I can do things now that I couldn’t do two months ago. I can leave a piece of paper out unattended — I routinely left a knitting pattern out on my reader table for days last week.  I don’t have to keep my paper napkins in the napkin holder up in the cabinet any more.  I can put the napkin holder out on the cabinet. (Did I mention the white one ate paper?).  I can open the bathroom door without kitties jumping up on the bathroom counter wanting to drink out of the sink faucet.  I went for over a week without having to empty the used litter container of the Littermaid, and without having to add litter.  I haven’t bought a container of cat litter in over a month.  There’s a full container that’s been in the closet for almost two months.   I may actually be able to afford a grain free cat food for the black one so I can get some weight off him.

*I refer you to the picking cotton scenes in the film “Places in the Heart” to see why this is a legitimate “expression of aggravation.”