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I have to get up at Oh, God o’clock tomorrow morning to take mom to the bus for her trip to Chicago.  It’s a sponsored “Seniors are Special” tour.  She’s going with a friend from her church and due to some last minute cancellations, another couple she knows from church are going. It will be fun for her.  They spend their first night in Tulsa, OK.  I just hope they don’t have any problems with rain or flooding on the way.  Oklahoma is so waterlogged from all the rain that at this point it won’t take more than an a couple of inches of rain to cause (more) flooding.

It’s raining here right now, and was thundering a while ago.  Screenshot_7We had this “squall line” passing through.  Supposed to be raining tomorrow morning when all the “seniors” board their bus out in a parking lot.  (I have to be careful what I say about “seniors” since technically I am one, too!) After I get mom loaded on the bus, I may have to go home by way of IHOP tomorrow morning.

My (paternal) cousin emailed us that they escaped the flooding that closed downtown Houston for several hours the other day.   They live in a suburb northwest of the city, which is on higher ground than Houston proper, which is right down on the coast.  The silver lining in all these rainclouds is that most of the state is no longer in drought conditions — for now at least.

2015_05_30-05I brought the grey one’s cremains home Wednesday.  She has joined the group on the dresser.  I’ve got quite the little shrine going.  (L to R) Shadow (the first one I lost), Stormie (the grey one), Gobi (the white one), and Jett (Shadow’s litter brother).  My BFF gave me the little statue with the lady with a grey kitty in her arms, and my late sister-in-law gave me the little cherub for Christmas one year (who has been de- and re-capitated several times, alas!).  Shadow (AKA “Sister”) has a bracelet my BFF gave me on top of her casket that is a silver spider with a turquoise for the body, and underneath that is the pink ribbon that was around Stormie’s neck when I got her as a kitten.  When the shelter lady took the kittens to the vet for their first shots, she had him determine their sex, and she tied a pink or blue ribbon (loosely!) around their necks to indicate which was which. Stormie was the only little girl in the bunch.  I picked her up and cuddled her.  She settled immediately and went to sleep in my arms.

2015_05_30-06At one time, when I had four, I had pictures of each in these matching frames.  Now, three of the four have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  That’s (L to R) Gobi, Stormie and Jett.  Jett’s litter sister is above him in the rectangular gold frame.  2015_05_30-04Above Stormie is my dad’s picture when he was an active duty Marine.  Above Gobi is my mother’s father, who died when she was 3.  Above my dad’s picture is a picture of his dad, which didn’t make it into the picture.  I have a picture of the black one in the fourth matching frame, but his picture is out in the living room.  Like I say, I’ve got quite a little shrine going.

Washed my hair earlier tonight and let it dry in the air like always.  You’d never guess I have naturally curly hair, would you?  I have very fine, fly-away hair, although the “grey” hair is coarser than what little that isn’t “grey” — technically, because blondes don’t have all that much pigment in their hair to start with, they don’t go grey, they just go straight to white.

2015_05_30-08In the knitting news, I still have two dresses to finish the skirts on, and a bunch of booties and bonnets to knit.  I started this little sweater in lavender, and just have the sleeves to do, which I will do two at a time on the same needle (see below).  I may have enough purple left to do some booties as well. 2015_05_30-07We’ll see.  Doing both sleeves at the same time on the same needle insures they’re both just alike — no need to count rows, etc. I modified Marianna’s Top Down Cardigan with Sleeves pattern.  I need to post the modified pattern on my knitting blog which I will do as soon as I get it typed up.  I’m at the point where I need to reattach the yarn and cast on the underarm stitches. It will probably take only a couple of hours to finish it as the sleeves will be short, about elbow length.  I still need to write a bib pattern and make a bunch of them.  They’ll be made from the same kind of cotton yarn that people make dish cloths out of, so they’ll be absorbent,and will hold up to being machine washed and dried a gazillion times.  With baby clothes, washable is good.  Machine washable is even better. All the bibs I make will be from this cotton.  All the other baby clothes and afghans are being made out of acrylic yarn which is highly stain resistant, hypoallergenic and machine washable and dryable.  I got a bunch done on my afghan from the Lion Brand Yarn pattern, which is worked on the diagonal. It is being made from two huge skeins of yarn.  I worked the increases until I ran out of yarn, declared that the halfway point, then hooked on the second skein of yarn and am now decreasing, which is the other half.