Image © Oskar Pernefeldt,

This is the proposed flag, not of a nation or group of nations, but of the whole planet.  Oskar Pernefeldt proposes this as a design for the flag of Planet Earth.

International flag of planet earth

Image © Oskar Pernefeldt

Personally, I like both the flag and the idea behind it.  That’s why I’m boosting the signal. We have to stop thinking in national terms and start thinking in planetary terms.  We have to realize that what one nation does affects the whole planet — and act upon that knowledge. We have to stop thinking in terms of how we are different and start focusing on how we are the same.  We have to stop thinking in terms of “race” and start thinking in terms of “species.”   We have to get our collective act together.  We are only one of billions of species on this big blue marble we call home and whether we like it or not, like the seven rings on the proposed flag, we are all interconnected.