Stormalinda Phogg-Foote

1 October, 2004 – 13 May, 2015

Alias Stormie, alias Baby Girl, alias Lady Penelope Pitti-Patti, she was the only survivor of an abandoned litter, hand raised by a shelter lady, and my first rescue.  At barely 6 weeks old, she was so tiny, with the little pink ribbon around her neck.  She weighed a whole pound when I took her home that rainy Saturday in November.  She’s was a classic tabby, the girl with the swirl.  Small, slender, gracile, and very high strung.  An inveterate snuggler and a momma’s girl, she was slow to make friends because she was so skittish.   Jaks was always “bouncing” her, the little thug, and I would hear a yowl and a hiss, and know he had ambushed her again.  In early 2014, she began to lose weight until by January of 2015, she was painfully thin, and the sad news was that she was in early renal failure.  Unfortunately, she could not regain and keep the weight she had lost, her renal function continued to worsen and I let her go while she was still alert and interactive.  She crossed the Rainbow Bridge on a rainy Wednesday at 11:07 a.m.