When I went by my mom’s to deliver the flowers I got her for Mother’s Day, she was not home.  However I can open the garage door with a key and get in through the garage.  I wasn’t thinking that mom would have armed their burglar alarm until I opened the door.   I had the instructions on how to turn the alarm off tucked into my billfold*.  Of course, my billfold was in my purse which was locked in the car.  I left mom a note on the door from the garage that I was sorry I set off the burglar alarm, and then made my getaway.  When Mom gets back from where ever she’s gone, she’ll discover she has been burgled — but not only was nothing stolen, the burglar left her a dozen red roses!

In other news, on the way over to my mom’s, I passed a playa lake that was about to run over it was so full — the water level was about 15 feet higher than it usually is because of all the rain we’ve had recently.

The new cell phone I ordered  came in the mail today.  I’ll have to sit down with it and see how it works.  Then I’ll have to go get my car owner’s manual and see if I can get my car and my new cell phone to speak BlueTooth to each other.


*Turns out I didn’t. When I got back to the car, I looked all through my billfold and couldn’t find them.  Don’t know what happened to them.