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2015_05_02-01I was going to finish that baby dress — I only have 10 more rows to go.  Instead, I started another one, got stalled on it, and didn’t do any of my mom’s scarves — the four I was going to shorten, the one I was going to finish, and the two I was going to make.  I just read books and blogs, and vegged. I just needed some down time.  Below is the little dress I started in a variegated pink and white.  very delicate and pretty.  It will have a bonnet to match.  I also need to make about four pairs of booties, too, or five.

2015_05_09-02I  don’t think I can wait until the end of the month to say goodbye to my baby girl kitty.  She would be 11 in October.  Bless her little kitty heart.  She’s hungry all the time, and yet she doesn’t gain any weight.  It’s painful to look at her.  She is just skin and bones.  From the “heft” of her when I pick her up, it seems like she has lost what little weight she had gained back.

I got to thinking just now.  When I moved from 21st Street to the duplex, I had three kitties.  I lost my two original kitties while I lived there, one to osteosarcoma and one to diabetes, but I also gained the grey one and the black one.  I had those two and the white one when I moved here, and now the white one is gone, and the grey one will be joining him soon.  It seems every time I move, I lose two kitties.

I need to get ready here directly and go get some flowers to take to my mom.  Mother’s day is tomorrow.  I’m going to get her roses, I think.  We’re going out to eat after church tomorrow, so when I get back, I’ll need to wash my hair.

I really, really need to do some housework.  Even after the sliding doors were fixed, I still haven’t sorted out the closet in my “office” bedroom, nor cleared off my dining room table.  I just haven’t had the energy.  The whole house is at “critical mess”  Once I clean out the “office” closet and sort my yarn stash, I need to tackle that one closet in the hallway, and then dust and vacuum, and do a load or two of laundry, but even just the thought of what needs doing makes me tired. Maybe next week. Part of the problem is that the two little soft-sided cat carriers are in the office closet, and they’re getting donated to the Humane Society once the grey one doesn’t need hers any more.  That’ll just leave the one carrier for the black one.  I’m sure I just don’t want to face up to not needing them any more.

It also occurred to me that this month marks a year since I moved here.  How time flies.  I must be having fun.