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And lightning and THUNDER!!  We’ve had a right old gully washer a while ago.  There for a while, it was pouring down rain hard and fast, with little snibbits of hail.  (Thankfully we had no bigger hail than that — my beautiful new car is in uncovered parking!) It’s tapered off now, but it’s still rumbling thunder off in the distance.

Tonight is my last shift at work.   There wasn’t much work last night, but there is work tonight.  I’m really not very motivated to do it, however.

Tomorrow I have to get up early and go down to the VA clinic to turn in my mileage for my trip to Amarillo and get the results of my CT scan.  (One assumes that it turned up nothing seriously wrong.) Then I’ve got to be at mom’s at noon to take her to the airport.  One of the ladies she used to work with at the law firm and her husband have invited mom out to stay with them for a couple of days at the house they have out on some lake or other near Dallas.   Next month, mom goes on a chartered bus trip to Chicago with some church friends.  Did I mention my mom loves to travel?

In other news, my closet doors FINALLY got fixed.  The maintenance guy with the ponytail came and put new rollers and new tracks on them Friday afternoon and they work!  This next weekend, I am cleaning, sorting and rearranging the closet contents and will get my dining room table cleared off, as well as the top of the dresser in the office, which are piled with yarn and knitting projects. I’ll be giving the whole house a good clean as well, because reasons.

I’ve decided I’m going to be getting a new mobile phone either this month or next month.  Consumer Cellular has a very affordable talk-only plan. (I won’t text. . .)  The phone is inexpensive, comes with a wall charger, and you can get a car charger for not much extra.  I can’t get a car charger for the phone I have because they don’t sell chargers any more that have the gazinta that will fit it — so if my wall charger goes out, I can’t get another one of those either.

Earlier this evening, I called JT, the dear friend who has taken care of my cats for me all these years when I’ve needed to go out of town and told him the sad news.   He’s going to stop by this week to say goodbye to the white one, who will be crossing the Rainbow Bridge at the end of this coming week, and the grey one who will be crossing next month.  He is ongoing in the process of getting his house ready to sell, and has found a little rent house west and north of his current house that he loves, where he will be moving at some point in the near future.  I’ve got a bottle of blush and two Dos Equis Lager Especial beers in the refrigerator.  He can name his poison.

I’m supposed to get together with my BFF on Thursday.  I haven’t decided whether I will tell her about the white one before the fact or after.  Ditto the grey one.   She’s in a ticklish emotional state at the moment.  She cannot live on what she gets from Social Security either, and the part-time job she has does not allow her to be her usual ebullient self.  She works for an overtly “Christian” business.  They have a dress code which is very conservative and straight-laced, and as a “greeter” she’s only allowed to say certain things to customers.  She is not allowed to schmooze them, which is what she does best.   She has put an application in for the new J Jill store which is abuilding.  Such an establishment would be a much better fit for her than where she is now.   She has a talent for helping people find clothes in styles and colors that they look good in and in putting together outfits.  She really needs to be in a retail clothing situation. If wishes were horses . . .