2015_04_10-012015_04_10-03In less angst-ridden developments, I finished knitting the little hot pink baby all-in-one top (above), and have started another one in white and hot pink.  I have patterns for it in premie/small newborn, 0-3 month, and 6 month sizes, and I’ve decided I will do one of each size.  The hot pink one is 0-3 months, the two tone one I just started (above) is the 6 month size.  There is a hat pattern to go with it.  I may make a hat for one of them.  I’ll have to see how the yarn holds up.   I still have to weave in the ends and put on the buttons, but the knitting part is done.

2015_04_10-02I also have the three-size pattern for a baby dress with two skirt versions.  I’ve started the little Meadow Sweet Baby Dress (above) in a variegated white/yellow/blue yarn, and want about 4 inches more on the skirt to finish knitting it.  There is a little matching hat.   The lady that has done these patterns apparently doesn’t do circular knitting.  The hat patterns she has has are all knitted flat and sewn up.   I may play around with the patterns and see if I can turn them into bonnets that have a buttoned chin strap instead of ties.  I have already modified the baby dress pattern to knit in the round, which I may publish on my blog.  She may not do circular knitting, but I don’t do sewing up of knitted things.

I will also need to do some matching baby booties.  I think a pair of booties with a cuff ruffle done in a repeat or two repeat of the skirt pattern of the dress would just be too special.  I think I’ll have enough for a bonnet, but I won’t have enough for a pair of booties. It’ll be back to Michael’s at some point.

Yeah, I know.  I’m going a little overboard, but there’s nothing a knitter likes better than a good excuse to knit up something cute for a baby.  Besides, the fact that  the baby will outgrow everything inside of a year is immaterial.  While they fit, the baby can be oooh’ed and aaaah’ed over while she’s wearing them, photographs can be taken with her wearing them, and when the baby has outgrown them, the parents will have them as keepsakes.  And, you can frame baby clothes.  A portrait of the child wearing the clothes and the actual clothes in the frame beside them?  That would be entirely too special a gift for a doting grandma.  All the garments are being made with acrylic yarn which is hypoallergenic, stain resistant, machine washable, colorfast, and, so long as they are completely dry from laundering, they will frame without worry of mold or mildew.