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The grey one went to the vet today.  My sweet little baby girl’s weight has gone from 5.8 lbs/2.6 kg to 6.5 lbs/2.9 kg, so she has gained almost a pound, which is great news.  Also, her vet visit did not cost an arm and a leg as I was afraid it would.  It only cost an arm. 2015_04_01-06Unfortunately, the bad news is her BUN and creatinine levels are worse.  Last time her BUN was just over the normal range at 55.  Now it is 77, which is definitely elevated.  Her creatinine last time was at the upper end of normal limits at 2.6.  Now it’s 3.7 and definitely in the abnormal range.  What this means is that she has kidney disease.  It’s early, but she definitely has it.   All I can do is feed her the special KD formula Science Diet and try to get her to drink more water.  The vet gave me a couple of cans of the KD wet food to try, which is one way to get more water down her.  He says she may last for years or she may slide quickly into kidney failure, at which point the humane thing to do would be to put her down.  My poor sweet little baby girl.  She turns 11 years old this year, which is young to be developing kidney disease.  I am just going to have to take each day as it comes. I’ve been trying for the past two weeks to find out the results of the CT scan I drove all the way to Amarillo to get on the 17th.  I finally got a reply to my emails asking about it.  I was informed that I have to wait until April 6, because my provider is not in the office until then.  &*^&%$#!@! 2015_03_21-02I mentioned that my cousin EYJ’s son and his wife are expecting a baby.  (I don’t know exactly when it is due, although not for at least a couple of months.)  When I first found out I was going to be a “grand cousin*,” I consulted my yarn stash and got out one of two large skeins of variegated yarn that covers all the bases (white, pink, blue, yellow and green) that I’m well into making a baby blanket out of.  My mom emailed me Monday to let me know that my cousin EYJ had emailed her that they now know the baby is a girl. Both the baby’s parents are older (he’s in his 40’s, she’s 40) and this is his second marriage.  They both want children very much, so you can bet this baby will be doted over.  This is not EYJ’s first grandchild.  JD’s older sister R had a daughter, K.  Unfortunately, K died of bone cancer in her late teens.  It was a very traumatic event for the family.  That makes this baby even more special to EYJ and her family.

I consulted my yarn stash and the baby yarn I have is some white, yellow, and green in 1-2 ball quantities, and a small ball of blue, but no pink.  Monday night, I scoured the internet for knitted baby dress patterns and found a couple, and a sweet little hat, but no bonnets like I want.  The baby’s parents live in Galveston, so I want sun bonnets that will shade the baby’s face.  I’m just going to have to work the pattern out myself.  I got the dress patterns off a British lady’s blog and ran into that “two countries separated by the same language” thing again.  They use some different abbreviations, so I’ve had to do some translating. While I was in Michael’s in the yarn aisle, seeing what they had, I looked over and there was BB, one of the ladies from knitting group.  I knew she had some diaper cover patterns and asked her to bring them with her to knitting group and mentioned that I needed to research babies’ head circumferences as I had it in mind to make some bibs that have a ribbed portion that pulls down over the head and goes around the baby’s neck, from which the actual bib portion will hang.  I got five balls of different colored cotton yarn like people make dish cloths out of (i.e., the yarn is durable and color fast) to make the bibs out of so they could just be tossed into the washing machine.  Turns out she had a chart which lists average baby head circumferences by age, which she also brought to knitting group.  This is one of the great things about being in a knitting group — the combined fund of knowledge and experience available to you to draw on.  Also, while I was in Michael’s, I found the cutest hat+booties pattern with bows on.   I will pair it with a little dress in the same color pink candy- stripe yarn. Anyway, I have pink yarn and white yarn and yellow yarn and two kinds of candy-striped pink yarn (pink and hot pink), and light purple yarn, and patterns, the right sized needles on hand (for once), and a sweet yarn bowl, and I mona** knit me some baby stuff.  Watch this space.

*The child will be my first cousin twice removed, if you want to get technical about it. **I mona – Texan for “I am going to”