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The long-running sketch comedy television show Saturday Night Live has a reputation for sketch comedy and satire, and for giving an amazing list of guests the chance to showcase their comedic chops.  This clip leaves that reputation pretty much intact.

It also reinforces my belief that I like Chris Hemsworth better clean shaven and with normal muscles than when he’s got a weeks’ worth of carefully-groomed* beard and is all bulked up for his role as Thor.  The sketch would have been even funnier with a bird more in keeping with the spirit of Shatner’s and Pine‘s performances in the role of Starfleet starship captain, but I can see why they went with the chicken.  A turkey would have been much more problematic in front of a live audience.

Hemsworth’s actual hair color is brunette (the eyebrows are always a dead giveaway), but I like him better as a vintage blonde* (– as opposed to a suicide blonde+).  Still, let’s face it, whatever color it is, that widow’s peak is to die for.

Take your pick:  Grungy and au naturel in “Snow White and the Huntsman,” blond and bearded in “The Avengers,” or beardless and unarmed. . .


*If you’re going to take the time to “groom” your beard with a special electric beard trimmer, you might as well adjust the beard length setting to “0” and shave the damn thing off already.
**Probably a vintage Sauvignon L’Oreal, because hemsworth it.
+Dyed by their own hand.