I hate the “new improved” WordPress text editor version.  It’s not that I’m used to the old version (I am).  It’s that the new version is unwieldy.   When you’re composing a new post, it doesn’t show you all your categories or tags.   It’s too cutesy and up in your face, and I hate having to go the Columbus route* to get back to composing a post using the old style text editor, which thankfully, they’ve still left on there.  I had no problems at all with the old style.  They should have left good alone and not messed with it.  I wish they simply gave you an option of either using the old style all the time or using the new style all the time, instead of making you have to maneuver all the way through the mishmash to get where you want to be in the style you want to be there in.  AARRGGHH!

Wednesday, I was rewatching the part of “Snow White and the Huntsman” that I had recorded (I was interrupted in the middle of watching the film on TV and pressed “record” at that point.)  I don’t think much of Kirsten Stewart‘s acting — this is the only thing I’ve seen her in, and I was greatly underwhelmed.  (I have strenuously resisted watching any of that “Twilight Saga” drivel.)  Charlize Theron acted rings around her.  Likewise, I am not at all impressed with Sam Claflin either.  Chris Hemsworth is not the greatest actor that ever trod the boards, but as far as I’m concerned,  his eye-candy-worthiness takes up the slack.  (His drule factor is higher as a blond, though, in my opinion.) I thought it was interesting that it was not “William’s” kiss that woke up Snow White, but the Huntsman’s “noncanon” kiss, because you know that once she’s queen, she’s probably going to knuckle under to (literal) peer pressure and/or convince herself to marry out of loyalty her childhood friend, wimply William, who is way more acceptable to the nobility because he’s the duke’s son, and any inclination she shows for including or (perish forbid!) choosing the huntsman, who is not only a peasant, but a soldier, will be discouraged and he will be excluded and sidelined into oblivion.   In the film, the dwarves were played by nondwarf actors (Bob Hoskins, Ian McShane, and Ray Winstone, among others) whose faces were then CGI’ed onto “body actors” who actually were dwarves.  How typically Hollywood.  I don’t blame “Little People of America” for getting upset about it.   I was pretty disgusted about it when I found out, myself.

I really do need to binge watch the latest season of “Downton Abbey.”

*Going east by sailing west; having to go the long way around; like changing directions on the freeway — you have to go all the way to the next interchange and then do a U-turn.