It’s been in the middle to high 80’s F/26+C here for the past week with lows in the 40sF/4+C, until today. Apparently, a front is blowing through and temperatures have dropped.  It’s 41F/5C at the moment.  It’s also windy with winds of 25-35 mph/40-56 kph, gusting to 50 mph/80 kph.  Tomorrow’s predicted high is only 67F/19.4C, but we’ll be back up into the mid-80s F/28+ C by Friday.  Not going to get any rain out of it, though.  They’ve had tornadoes in Oklahoma and Arkansas with one storm-related fatality and a bunch of storm and hail damage.   We’re moving into tornado season.  And thunderstorm season.

Now that the weather has warmed up, I need to get out and start walking.   Whether I actually will or not remains to be seen.  Checked my thermostat yesterday afternoon and it read 72.   I’ve decided that I will change back to summer sheets and spread on April 1st.   I need to get my rear in gear and do my taxes.

The closet door still isn’t fixed yet.  Still no new dishwasher.   I’m about ready to just take that one door down and chuck it out into the parking lot.   I might take them both down and restructure the closet contents, and just leave that one off until the door gets fixed.   If I can get motivated to do it.  It hasn’t quite reached critical mess yet, I guess.

When I parked the car after knitting group Tuesday, I had 1849 miles on it.   Driving the wheels off it.