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Ran out of work repeatedly last night and crashed by 12:30.  Decided to read a while.  Started the latest in the Sebastian St. Cyr books (Kindle version), “turned” the last page, looked up at the clock and it was 7 a.m.  I should know better than to start a new book right at bedtime.  Put out the light, went to sleep. Woke up sneezing at 11 o’clock.  I should have taken my meds before I went to sleep.  Took them, then had to read for 30 minutes so I could eat something as I can’t eat for 30 minutes after my thyroid meds, but both the antibiotics and the N-acetylcysteine tend to provoke nausea when taken on an empty stomach.  Naturally, I started a new book while waiting, and was about halfway through it when it was time to get up for work.

It’s been the same again tonight.   Work is coming in dribbles and drops.  I sit at the computer, type frantically for about 10 or 20 minutes, then sit and knit for 20 to 35 minutes while waiting for more work.   They’ve all been short little reports, for the most part.

I need to start reading on my Kindle.  I have a bunch of books on there I need to read, but I’m rereading the Anne McCaffrey Pern books at the moment.  I’m going to knock off in about 30 minutes and go get some supper.