I’m on antibiotics again.  Tuesday I went for a visit to the hygienist to have my teeth cleaned.  That smoldering bone infection at the root of my left upper molar has flared again.  If I can’t get the infection stamped out, I will eventually lose the tooth, so I’m on cephalexin again, four times a day.  I suspect the source of the infection is my sinuses.  I’m trying to get the VA to do something about it.   They’re supposed to send me for a CT scan, which I have to go to Amarillo to get — a 100 mile trip — because all we’ve got here is a clinic.  Unless I want to pony up $600/£407/€572 or so for the CT, I have to go to the VA hospital in Amarillo to get it.  Unless I want to drive myself there, I will have to ride the stupid VA bus.  We’re talking a 200 mile round trip which, even with the great gas mileage the new Crayola gets, pretty much totals a tank of gas, which these days is around $25/£17/€24.  Considering what an ordeal it was to ride the bus the last time I did it, I might have to google a map of Amarillo and see how you get to the VA hospital from where I live.

After I’d spent an hour at the dentist’s, and 45 minutes in Walmart getting the prescription filled, it was 4 p.m.  I had not been feeling 100% for a couple of days, and my trip to the dentist explained why.  I crashed out for 2 hours, then got up to go to knitting group.  There, I ended up sitting between my friend SD who was trying out the horseshoe cable scarf pattern from my knitting blog, and a new lady who was trying out a rather complicated crochet pattern that involved front post treble crochets.   SD didn’t realize, as I didn’t at first, that a horseshoe cable is actually a left over right twisted cable (Cable Back) followed immediately by a right over left twisted cable (Cable Front), with no stitches in between.  Because there are no intervening stitches, the two cables are pulled toward each other, giving the horseshoe effect.  I was in the middle doing the 3 cable scarf, which has a braided cable between two twisted cables.

While I was at knitting group, my mom called me from Dallas to tell me her plane was running late.  She had flown to Houston Sunday to go to Pearland, Tx, to attend the funeral of her brother HJ.  Her plane was supposed to arrive at 8:35, but it only takes about 15 minutes to get to the airport from where knitting group is held, so I stayed until knitting group was over at 8:30, and then went to pick her up.  She was just coming up to the doors of the terminal as I drove up, so it was perfect timing.  She said it rained all day Sunday and Monday, but that it cleared up for the funeral.  Even so, there was standing water everywhere, and the funeral home put up a marquee and had to put down an AstroTurf carpet for the graveside service because it was so muddy.  Mom said it was a nice service.

Next Tuesday, I go get my custom orthotics for my shoes, and Wednesday is my 4-month/5,000 service on the new Crayola. (It’s going to be a 4-month service, because I haven’t got but 1500 miles on it.) They sent me an email saying I had an appointment for 7 a.m.  I don’t think so!  I called and got it rescheduled to a more reasonable hour.  I said I’d wait on it, so I will be bringing either a book or knitting.