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2015_03_04-02All the throw rugs and bath mats I have are machine washable, which is fortunate as Tuesday, the grey kitty threw up all over one of the burgundy bath mats in the full bath, and there’s no point in washing just one when there are two.  The runners I have down on either side of the bed had been spot cleaned to the point of beginning to need washing and there was no point in firing up the washer to wash two bath mats when I could wash those two runners, too, so in the washer they went.  I still had the wooden clothes drying rack out from the overflow event on Friday night so on the rack the mats went.

2015_03_04-01Then Wednesday night, the white kitty came unfed, not on the floor where it could be easily cleaned up, but on both the large rectangular throw rugs, the one in the hall and the one in front of the pantry.  As long as I had the drying rack out, and the runners and bath mats were dry, into the washer they went.  They’d about reached their spot cleaning limit anyway. Those two large throw rugs and the runners by my bed (all essentially the same pattern) came from Walmart and I’ve had them awhile and washed them probably half a dozen times.  They have nonskid backing, a short, “Berber” type nap, and they’ve held up very well.  I bet I’ve had them nearly 7 or 8 years.   I believe I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of them several times over.

So the throw rugs are drying, and the other rugs and mats are hanging off the backs of the dining room chairs because I’ve decided there’s no point in putting them back down until after I’ve vacuumed.  It’s 6:30 a.m. at the moment, and because I’m a better neighbor than the people upstairs, I think I’ll defer vacuuming until a more humane hour.  The kitty waste basket is just about full, and the Littermaid receptacle dump that really needs to happen will just about fill it, but I’m delaying that as long as I can because Wednesday, we had another snow event.  Got just enough to cover the ground, but I don’t think I’ll try lugging about 30 lbs of (used) kitty litter out to the dumpster until the sidewalk melts off some.

I’ve bandied about the concept of “critical mess” before, but for those who came in late,  it has to do with how messy/cluttered an area has to be before you can’t stand it any more and you do what needs to be done to sort it out/clean it up.  I mention it because several areas in my house have just about reached that point.  I’m about to the point of taking one of the sliding doors off the closet in my office and leaning it against the wall someplace so I can get at the closet contents. There’s something wrong with the track that one of the doors slides on.  That door won’t open and jumps the track when you try to force it.  (The maintenance guy has supposedly ordered me a new track and will, one hopes, be able to fix the doors soon, but I’m not holding my breath.) That closet is where I keep my yarn stash and it needs sorting desperately.  That’s also where I keep the kitty crates, my sewing machine and the vacuum cleaner, and they are consequently problematic to get to.

I’m also to the point of taking the bifold doors off the washer/dryer area so I can hang the curtain there that my BFF gave me and get the rod, the curtain and the hangers off my dining room table. Since I’m having to feed the grey kitty extra protein, and the only way she’ll get a chance to eat it before the white kitty muscles in is if I feed her on top of the dryer (the white kitty can’t jump that high, and the black kitty is a tub of lard and can’t jump even as high as the white kitty, who has never been much of a jumper anyway.  The grey kitty jumps and climbs like a mountain goat. . .).  If I’ve got the dryer side door open so she can get up and down to her food, I can’t open the front door because that bifold door is in the way.  I can store the doors under the bed and put my clothes hanger thingie on the pantry door.  I’ve got the rod and everything.  It only wants taking the doors down and putting the rod up.  Having the doors down will also make it easier to get the wooden clothes drying rack into and out of the place I keep it, which is beside the dryer.   Speaking of which, my clothes hamper is full, and I need to wash a load of clothes.

In other news, one of my rosewood cable needles is missing.  The last time I saw it, it was on my computer desk.  There’s no telling where it is now.  There are, of course, the usual suspects.  I like those needles so much I’ve ordered two more sets.  Apparently, they are quite popular. It took me almost 20 minutes to google up another source as the vendor I got them from on Amazon was out of them.

I think next week, like Wednesday or Thursday, I’m going to be having a Downton Abbey marathon.  I’ve got about 8 episodes of season 5 recorded but have not watched any of them yet.