We’ve already got snow, with more promised.  It’s pellets of snow, actually, which tells me it’s thawed and refrozen on the way down.  We’re promised more snow tomorrow and a wintery mix on Saturday.  High today is predicted to be 34F/1.11C with the low tonight of 16F/8.88C, a high tomorrow of 26F/3.33C.  Sunday, it’s supposed to get back up into the middle  60sF/15+C for the rest of next week.

We’re getting off off light, actually.  They had more than a foot of snow in Guin, Alabama, and 10 inches in Tremont, Mississippi.  They had snow all across the northern portions of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and in the Carolinas and Virginia.   There were people stuck on interstate highway I-65 all night in Alabama.Screenshot_11I am so glad I work from home.  This is what it looks like for the weekend.   The people in those areas are not used to that kind of snow.  Most of those places, if they get half an inch, they close the schools.  The Bubbas will be out in force on the ATVs.  There will be ” hold my beer” moments.  I’d be willing to bet money somebody will go sledding on either a sofa or a bed and put it on YouTube.

Screenshot_12I’m also glad I don’t have to be flying anywhere.  The saying is if you’re going to hell, you have to go through Dallas, but Dallas is getting more snow and freezing rain, etc., and it’s disrupting air travel everywhere.

I think I’m going to go make me a bacon and tomato sandwich.