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Forecast for Sunday night


Forecast for Monday

Screenshot_8We’re hunkered down here, and I have hot tea and lap robes.  Oddly enough, the first two weather maps look a whole lot like the weather maps for New Year’s Day of what we had to drive through on our way home from Houston.   I am so glad not to have to be out driving in that mess.

As I have noted previously, if we have any kind of precipitation during what remains of predawn Monday, we will have Demolition Derby Day on the city streets.  I am so glad I work from home — even though I technically should have stopped working about two hours ago.  I’m still at it because there are half a dozen reports that are getting close to the turn-around time (TAT) limit, which is the period of time within which the company I work for has agreed to get reports typed and sent back to the hospital, so I’m going to try to take care of as many as I can before I stop work.  Besides, it ain’t like I’m not getting paid for it.  I’ve got two VR (voice recognition) reports to edit, and there are about 4 reports that need to be typed from scratch.  We’ll see how much I can do before I poop out.

10933976_10204680386587819_1178929950919039627_nI bought this knitting bowl.  I wish it had a notch in the lid, but I can use it without the lid.  It’s 9 inches wide.  It was discounted because the glaze melted off onto the kiln and she had to do some filing — on the base, one presumes, but possibly on the lid.  No biggie.  She calls it her kitty proof yarn bowl.  “Kitty proof” is definitely a desirable attribute in this household.

At least this potter got the curved sided bowl right.   Having a notch in the lid would make it durn near perfect.   I really wanted this one, which does have a notched lid, but as you can see, it’s rather pricy.

I shall have to add to my “targets of opportunity” list a large oval soup tureen with a notch in the lid for a ladle — which would be perfect for doing things that need two balls of yarn — like two at a time socks, or two at a time sleeves.  Maybe I can find one on Ebay.

I have an idea for a vest that is knitted sideways and then joined at the shoulder seams. which means you could have all kinds of fun stuff like cables.  Still plotting it in my mind.  In the meantime, I downloaded this pattern to do for my mom and got some more Hometown USA in the El Paso Autumn color to make it with and some large wooden buttons are on the way, to be here Tuesday.  In the meantime, I have the baby afghan to finish — today without fail! — and a pair of socks, a shrug, the hot pink scarf and hat, and my hat/scarf combo to finish . . . .