Weather Widget 02-20-2015As you can see from the weather widget to the left (those of the metric persuasion, see below right) our predicted high for today is going to be 80F/26.6C and Sunday’s predicted high is 36F/2.22C with rain/sleet, a low of 19F/-7.22C, and snow forecast on Monday.  Oh, what fun.  Just so the weather behaves long enough for me to get to knitting group and back.

My January electric bill (I have electric everything now — both heating and cooling) was higher than the proverbial giraffe’s ears.  $131/£85.3.  And that’s with my Weather Widget 02-20-2015 in metric unitsthermostat set at 68F/20C.  My December bill was only $65/£42.32.  I hear from the apartment manager that the whole complex’s bills were high for January.  What that tells me is that somebody didn’t read the meters last month and just guestimated December’s bill, and then when the meters were read this month the discrepancy was charged through on this month’s bill.  The lady at LP&L assured me that everybody’s bills were high because there were 28 days of below freezing weather during the January billing period.  That may be, but still . . .  If this keeps up, I may have to set my thermostat back to 65F/18.3C.

IMG_2005I’m working on a horseshoe cable scarf for my mom (see below).  I’m going to try to get it finished by Saturday.  It’s only 16 stitches wide.  I’m also working on a scarf (see left) to match the PeptoBismol pink hat, with my BFF as the targeted recipient.  I’m also going to try working out a cabled scarflet in an light ecru knitting worsted where the cable goes over the top of the loop you pull the scarf through.

IMG_2006I have 30+ rows to go on the baby afghan.  I   going to finish it this week, hopefully Monday.  I think I’m going to wash and dry it once before I send it to get all the cat dander off it.  The photograph does not do the color justice.  The color of the yarn has more brown in it than what the photograph shows.

I’m turning into my mom.  I’ve started falling asleep in the chair, particularly after I’ve eaten.  I just glunk out.  My mom has a long history of falling asleep in the chair after supper.  She gets put out with herself because half the time she’ll be watching something on TV she’s really interested in, and glunks out and misses half of it.  I did it the other day sitting at the computer.  I had lunch, and about half an hour later, out like a light.  I might nap for half an hour, or a couple of hours.  I think it’s a factor of trying to cram too much into a day combined with my wonky schedule because of working second shift (3 p.m. to midnight) on the weekends.