At knitting group last Tuesday, one of the Library Ladies (our meeting is held in one of the branch libraries, which building also contains a meeting room that is available for community use) came in to tell us, very apologetically, that we would not be able to use the room this coming week because apparently unbeknownst to the right hand, the left hand had very rudely scheduled our meeting room out from under us.  We were offered the option of skipping a week, or having our meeting at the south end of the library area.  She also made mention that at the north end of the library area, a man was going to speak about cold cases he had worked on, which means he is or was involved in solving homicides at some level of law enforcement.

LK, one of the knitting ladies, said she knows the man, and that she was very interested in hearing him speak.  As I pointed out, we do not knit with our ears, so we could bring a mindless knitting project (AKA “TV Knitting”), which is one that does not require too much attention be paid to it, and kill two birds with the proverbial stone.  (My mind leapt to the baby afghan.)  (Yes, I know.)   She and I, and possibly SD of the consolation hat plan to come hear the man speak, although LK said that SD has a sinus infection and that she also has company*.  The company is supposed to leave before our next knitting group, but it remains to be seen whether the sinus infection will have left as well and whether SD will feel like getting out.  However, LK and I will be there, doing the Madame Defarge bit.  One would think that a homicide detective of whatever stripe would not be put too far out of countenance by knitters in the audience.   I emailed my mom and asked her if she wanted to go, too.  Now that the car I’m driving is one that was made in this decade (which now has over 1300 miles on it, BTW), I could go pick her up. . . .

In other news, the earbuds I was using with my computer have malfunctioned.  The “war**” to one of the buds has broken so I only get sound out of one bud.  The other bud is a dud.  I have earbuds all over the place — one with my Kindle, one on each of my MP3 players (did I mention I found the MP3 player I thought I’d lost or had been stolen in the fracas of the move? — I’d put it somewhere safe where I would remember where I’d put it and find it again . . . which I did, by accident, four months later, after I’d bought another MP3 player, and another 32-GB chip to replace it!), as well as a spare set I had tucked away.  The problem is, they all have shorter cords than the Skullcandy ones I was using.  I’ve ordered a pair and a spare from Amazon just now.

*guests.  “Company” applies to anyone who comes to your house to visit you, whether they stay for minutes, hours, overnight, or days at a time. This is a regional usage, but I’m not sure how big the region is — Texas, Southern US or larger portion of the US, or US vs other English speaking countries. . .
**Texan for “wire.”