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2015_01_21-08. . .And we have got snown.  Not a whole lot of it, but we got some, and it’s still coming down kinda sorta.  The snow is on the wet slushy side, probably because it’s not that cold out.   Still, it’s a good day to stay in.

I’ve been pootling around on the computer refining my new knitting blog.  I’ve been all snuggly, with a lap robe on, sometimes by myself, and sometimes with the grey kitty nestled in between my knees. Here in a minute, I may go brew some Tazo chai and put some Coffee Mate Crème Brulée flavored creamer in it.  Nums.

2015_01_21-052015_01_21-06You can tell how wet the snow is by how it’s plastered to the pseudo-mansard roofs of the apartment buildings.  There’s a rime of snow on the door frame of my front door, too.  It’s not cold enoughweather widget 01-22-2015 to stick to the streets, and there’s just a slushy coating on the sidewalks.  According to the weather widget (see below), it’s 30F/-1.1C at the moment, but it should be gradually warming up with the predicted high of 65F/18.3C by Monday.  I hope the roads will be clear in the morning so my mom can go to the “beauty saloon” and get her hair done. She has a standing appointment for every Friday morning.

I’ve been listening to one of my favorite internet radio stations:  Interstellar Radio — not strictly ambient, but an interesting variety.  I can’t decide whether to start this knitted hat I want to do or to take a leaf from the black one’s book.  Good sleeping weather, too.