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Well, not entirely wasted.  I found this in one of the blogs I follow.

Too beautiful not to share.

I got two twin-size microfleece blankets on sale at Walmart.  One is a dusky steely blue that matches the drapes in the living room.  The other is a leopard print.  I got them intending to turn them into lap robes by folding them in half lengthwise, sewing around the sides except for just a bit so I can turn the result inside out, then sew about an inch in from the edge around all four edges to make a border.  They make wonderful lap robes. They are so soft and you can just toss them in the washing machine.  I made my dad’s “Blankies” this way, except I used king sized blankets to get the length I needed as he was 6’2″ and wanted one that would cover him from chin to toe.  The blue one is for the living room, and the leopard one is for the office. I intended to do this today.  Instead, I finished reading “Dark Lord of Derkholm” by Diane Wynn Jones, and then sat at the computer reading blogs, dozed off, woke up and kept on reading blogs.

The grey one is sleeping on my chest at the moment. She likes the Laxatone gel I got at the vet’s that’s supposed to “ease things along.”   Unfortunately, the white one is wild about it.  He nearly bit my finger trying to get the blob of it off.  I got some white water dishes for them – ramekins, actually, but they’re just the right size, and white like the vet recommended — they match the smaller ramekins I got for food dishes for them.  I had been using one of my big white soup mugs, but will start using the ramekins once I’ve used the dishwasher again. I talked to the vet this afternoon about how to fatten the grey one up.  She needs something with lots of good, clean “carnivore” protein and he suggested feeding her canned chicken or cooked lean hamburger meat.  The canned chicken is what I think I’ll go with.  I’ve got to think of a place where I can feed her that the other two can’t get to.  She’s a climber so a high place seems best.  Unfortunately, the only place I can think of is the kitchen counter, which is not a place I want her on.  Another problem is that of jealousy.  The black one is very jealous and tends to be rather mean to whoever I show any affection toward.

My BFF bought me a shower curtain that has a rendering of the Eiffel Tower on.  It was supposed to be a British phone box, but they sent her the wrong thing.  Actually, the Eiffel tower fits my color scheme better.  I’m thinking of taking down the bifold doors that cover my washer and dryer, and use this shower curtain instead.  I have a curtain rod I got to do that.  The bifold doors don’t quite cover the opening, anyway.  There’s about a half-inch gap.  If I take the doors down and just use the curtains, I could feed her on top of the dryer.  She can jump that high, but the white one is not a jumper, and never has been.  The black one is just too fat to make it that high.  He’s never been much of a jumper either.  I could put her a bowl of water up there, too.  I might can put the doors on the floor of my bedroom closet.  My shoes are on a rack on the wall, rather than on the floor, so that’s no problem, or else under my bed up toward the head end.   I’d like the handyman to come take them away.  Don’t know if he will, though.

While we’re on the subject of handymen, I’d also like the track on the closet doors in the office fixed. That one side does not want to move, and has a tendency to jump the track if I try forcing it to move.  It’s a pain in the rear because that’s the side of the closet my sewing machine is on.  It’s on the shelf above the rod.  I need to get the step ladder out and look at the track to see if I can discover what the problem is.  I may be able to fix it myself.  But not right this now.

Part of the problem is that I missed some doses of the N-acetylcisteine (NAC) I’ve been taking.  It helps me in a number of very subtle ways and I really notice a change in my mood when I miss a dose.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow.  My weather widget says it’s raining now.  I haven’t looked out the window to see if it’s actually raining on me . . . If it snows tomorrow I hope it’s just the kind that doesn’t stick on the pavement, or that melts off the pavement.  We can always use the moisture, but the way the people in this town drive, any weather phenomenon that affects the road surfaces is like a sign that reads “Demolition Derby Day” to them. Anyway, I hope the roads are clear Friday and Saturday, because my mom goes to the “beauty saloon” on Friday morning and she has one of her clubs meeting on Saturday.  I’m not worried about my mom’s driving, it’s everybody else’s.

One of the joys of using two monitors is that while I’m using one, I can “empty” the other one and look at the pictures in my wallpaper program. I’ve got a bunch of stuff in it — photographs of landscapes, a bunch of paintings by Andrew Wyeth (whose work and style I adore), and one thing and another that I’ve run across and like looking at — eye candy. Each picture stays on for 10 minutes.

IMG_1974I think here in a minute I’ll get something to eat and take my evening dose of NAC, and I may start a hat, or I may create that knitting blog as a place to put my knitting patterns like I’ve been thinking about. When I do, I’ll link it to this blog, of course.  It just occurred to me I needed to take the garbage out — three trash cans full, plus the kitty “waste” and if it was going to snow tomorrow, I’d better do it just now.  Guess what. It has already snowed.  Not sticking to the pavement, though. IMG_1973