. . . But then not exactly the best news either. The grey one’s not diabetic (that’s a relief!  I nursed poor Jett through three years of insulin injections.  I’d really rather not ever have to do that again.).  She’s not got thyroid problems.  Her lab tests were completely normal, except her BUN was high.  The upper limit of normal is the 30’s, and hers was in the 50’s, which would indicate kidney disease.  However, her creatinine is normal, so she’s in the very early stages of it.

The problem with her kidneys is, they’re starting to spill protein into in her urine, which is not supposed to happen.  This causes protein to be leeched out of her muscles, which is why she’s losing weight.  From 8 lbs to 5 lbs in 9 months.  Not good at all.  There’s a $pecial food. . . Science Diet KD formula.  Of course, it’s twice as expensive as the Science diet Senior Hairball formula they’re getting now.  The problem is, whatever I feed her, I pretty much have to feed the other two.  It won’t hurt them to eat the KD formula.  What I can do is mix it in with what they’re already getting and see that she drinks more water.  I found some treats that she adores that have freeze dried tuna in them, so there’s that.   I’m also getting some white dishes to use for their water as the vet says kitties are more likely to drink water if the dish is white.  I don’t know why this is, but that’s what the vet says.  I want her to drink more water, so white water dish it is.

If I had to choose between thyroid problems and kidney problems, I’d have chosen the thyroid problems.  There’s medication and/or there’s food I could have given her, and with her thyroid hormones back in balance, it would have been a simple matter of keeping them there.  But kidney problems is going to be an inexorable slide.  Like diabetes, I can fend it off as long as I can (and can afford to — which is the emotional thumbscrew here), but sooner or later (much later, hopefully) there will come the time when I have to make that tough decision.  Again.  With Shadow, the first one I lost, the decision was made for me by the huge osteosarcoma inside her ribcage.  With Jett, I had to make the choice: not if, but when.

I was mentally bracing for losing the white one first.  He’s 15 going on 16.  I was not anticipating having to deal with the thought of losing my sweet baby girl just yet.  I just don’t want to go there.

In the meantime, I am still being a referee.  It’s been two days since she came home from the vet and the black one has figured out who she is now.  The white one, on the other hand, has a stuffy nose and he has been very cantankerous, growling and hissing at this “strange” cat every time she gets close to him — and she growls and hisses right back at him.

In other news, the mileage on the new car is now 1355.