I took the grey one to the vet today instead of yesterday, because I wanted to be here to referee once I’d brought her home for however long it takes everybody to hiss and make up.  Because of her winter coat, I hadn’t realized just how skinny she’d gotten until I picked her up the other day and she weighed almost nothing.  They weighed her and it is very concerning that she weighed 8 pounds in May of 2014 and now she only weighs 5.5.  The vet says her colon is full of poop. (I suspect the black one is harassing her to the point that he will not let her poop in peace, the little thug.)  I periodically find a couple of pieces of poop in inappropriate places, where she’s hidden from the black one long enough to do her thing.    They did a “senior panel” blood test on her (That’ll be $125 please, thank you very much).   They kept her for a while and gave her an enema, which produced results. I won’t get the results of the blood work until tomorrow.  It will pick up things like diabetes and thyroid problems, as well as metabolic imbalances that may point to other problems.

I don’t think she’s got diabetes because she doesn’t have her head in the food bowl all the time, and I don’t notice her drinking a lot of water.  She may have a thyroid problem, which I understand can now be treated with $pecial food.  (The black one is already so jealous of the other two, and if she gets special food that he doesn’t, he will bully her even more than he does now.)   Anyway, it could just be that she’s so full of poop that her food has no place to go, which would explain why she tends to come unfed fairly easily.  I’ve got some “Laxatone” (guess what that does  . . .) which is tuna flavored.  I also got her some tuna flavored treats “with real tuna.”  She loves them.  I’m afraid of feeding her too many at a time because she might just decide to refund them, but she acts like she’d eat the whole packet if I’d let her.  Poor little baby girl.

Of course, in addition to the $125 lab test, they charge you $45 just to walk in the door.   Still, she’s my sweet baby girl and I don’t begrudge her the almost $180 I dropped on her this afternoon.  If anything, I’m beating myself up for not recognizing just how much weight she’d lost and taking her in sooner.

In other news, I think I’m going to quit selling books on Amazon.  I sold 13 books through them and not only didn’t I make any money doing it, they charged me $11.62 for the privilege!