2015_01_07-01It’s colder than a wedge outside, and windy to boot, and I really don’t feel like getting out in it.  My trip to Sutherland’s is being deferred until mañana.  I get a grace period from the time I get a “Sold, ship now” email from Amazon, until I have to get the book in the mail or risk incurring the ire of Amazon.   No later than tomorrow, as it happens.  Which all works out rather nicely.  I would much rather stay here in the warm, listen to internet radio, knit and catch up on my blog reading.

Just a while ago, l was measuring my head to get a handle on its three dimensions for knitting purposes, and as I took the measuring tape away, the little metal tab on the end of it caught a single hair under its edge and yanked it out by the roots. It was a whopper.  I measured it to be right at 23 inches long.

2015_01_07-02I really need to finish my mom’s vest.  It only lacks about 5 inches of knitting to finish it.  I also really need to turn the heels on a pair of socks, and finish the blanket for that little boy, who’s going to be too old to need a blankie if I don’t get a move on . . .  I’ve got TV to catch up on, too.   Busy, busy.

This pattern for the hat turns out to have an interesting texture.  I think I’m glad I’m doing it in pink instead of green.  The texture kind of reminds me of a hand grenade . . . Never mind.  It’ll look darling with a pom pom on.