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6a00d8341c4ea853ef01bb07bc4fd9970d-700wi The song inspired the rug for the youngest Soule at Soulemama.  If you think the saga of seven Soules (+ granny) on a farm in Maine, where gardening and raising sheep, and shearing, spinning and dying wool and knitting and cooking happens, along with a good deal else of interest, then wander over and check out the blog.  Now I’m going to have to close Winamp, so I can open Rhapsody (Rhapsody doesn’t like Winamp for some reason), and see what Rhapsody has by The Be Good Tanyas and listen to it.

Terry windling and tillyWriters and their companimals.  C.J. and Jane and two kitties,  Terri Windling and Tilly (see left), Bear and the Giant Ridiculous Dog.  Sharon Lee and Steve Miller and a quartet of Maine Coons.

I neologized that word a while ago:  “companimals” — companion + animal.   I like it.  I’d like it to become the name of the cats, dogs, ferrets, bunnies, rats, guinea pigs, etc., who share our space and our lives with us, who become our companions, confidants, sidekicks.


Non Sequitur comic strip © 2014 Wiley Miller

The above one is relevant to me and to the baby girl, the grey one, who has been sneezing a lot more than I have lately, bless her.

Peter de Seve

“Something Familiar” © 2013 Peter de Sève

I love this.  I love his art.  If you take The New Yorker magazine, you’ll have seen his covers.


I’d put this on my Tumblr blog, but it bears repeating … until the world finally gets it.


For my bro. Sometimes broken cellos need company until they’re fixed.

A little symmetry never goes amiss.