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Yesterday evening I called my friend JT, to ask if he knew of anyone willing to catsit for me while mom and I are away in Pearland.  He promptly (and very graciously!) volunteered his services.   It won’t be the first time he’s cat sat, although it will be the first time in this apartment.   He looked after them on several occasions while I lived on 66th Street.  The kitties know him.  He knows how the poop box works, too. ( I told him he could score big points by turning the water on in the bathroom sink and letting the white one drink from it. )

Apart from the $300 expense of boarding three cats for five nights, I just don’t like the idea of taking the kitties to a pet hotel.  It’s strange, frightening, disruptive and there are all sorts of unknown animals in close proximity, which just adds another layer of stress to what is already a very stressful situation.  Besides that, the place is, no doubt, swarming with all kinds of germs which the attendants unwittingly carry from cat to cat as they tend them.  Stress plus germs is not a good combination.  Far, far better to let them remain in their home amid familiar surroundings while a person they know comes and tends to them.   None of my kitties needs that kind of stress, particularly the grey one, who is skittish and high strung to begin with, and especially the white one, who is going on 16 years old.

That’s one less worry about the upcoming trip.  It’s going to be a 10-hour marathon, and I haven’t had nearly enough practice judging how fast I’m going.  It’s difficult for me to judge in this new car.  I go tooling along at what  I think is a nice sedate speed, look down at the speedometer and discover I’m doing 50 mph/80 kph!  Oddly enough, the 2015 Corolla we didn’t get also had cruise control as well as keyless entry.

In other news, I put 20 books up for sale on Amazon on November 3rd, and I’ve already sold 9 of them.  Whatever of that 20 that hasn’t sold by February 3, 2015 is getting donated to Friends of the Library.  Get them while they’re hot, folks.

I’ve ripped out everything I had done on the vest I’m making for my mom.  I found out I was doing “M1’s” wrong.  I was increasing by casting on a stitch when I should have been picking up the bar between the two stitches on the previous row.  Ghod, I love the interwebs!  Today is knitting group and I would like to do some work on my shrug and get it to the part where I start doing the sleeves, but then again, I want to work on my mom’s vest, too, . . .