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IMG_1883This was my weather widget at 2:30 this afternoon.  It was entirely accurate.  The north wind had blowed and we have got snowed.  Our predicted low tonight was 19F/-7.22C at right now it’s 18F/-7.77.  It stopped snowing a while ago, but with the undercoating of sleet and the fact that there has been no melting at all, we’ve got enough on the streets now that it’s going to be demolition derby day tomorrow for the driving to work crowd.  On days like today, I am very thankful I work from home.

2014_11_16-01Mom called from church at noon and said her windshield was iced and it was sprinkling sleet.  We decided to go out to eat anyway.   I had coupons for The Cotton Patch and we decided to go there.  Poor decision, as it happens, because we had about a 10-minute wait to be seated.  (The crowd that doesn’t go to church was there early to beat the after-church crowd. . .).  By then it was sprinkling snow flakes rather than sleet, and it was cold enough to start sticking.  While we were snarfing up a delicious salad, steak and baked potatoes, it began to snow in earnest.  We had already decided it was just too darn cold to go to the cemetery, 2014_11_16-04but up until that point, my mom was going to come in and scope out my apartment.  (She has only been here once for a cursory glance round shortly after I moved here this past May.  That was back when dad was still alive and she didn’t dare stay more than a minute or two.)  That plan was scotched as well.

This afternoon while I was working, I heard the kids playing in the snow.  Maybe they’ll luck out and get a snow day tomorrow . . . and raise a ruckus while I’m trying to sleep in tomorrow. . .

The drivers here are terrible, even under ideal road conditions.  They skid all over the place when it rains, so you can bet there will be traffic accidents galore because of this little dusting of snow (we got a lot less than an inch).  It’ll probably all melt off tomorrow, but for now, I wouldn’t be on the city streets during tomorrow morning’s rush hour for anything less than four figure$.

I am reminded again that we do not have covered parking here.   The Crayola has ice on all its windows.  (Those dark boxy things in the lower right corner are the air conditioning units for my apartment and the one upstairs.)

2014_11_16-05Mother has said several times that she was worried about me driving such an old car (it’s a 1987 — you do the math. . .).  She has made noises to that effect for a while now, such as thinking about getting herself a new car and giving me her little red Mazda that’s only 8 or 9 years old (see above with my footprints leading up from where it was parked while I got out).  I’ve had such obvious good luck with Toyotas, I really would like another Toyota Corolla, but I wouldn’t look a gift car in the mouth, so to speak.  She told me today at lunch that she had finally accomplished the stock transfer from their name to hers (nothing is ever simple) and that hopefully, she will get the money from the life insurance policy Dad had through his work by the end of this month, as she is really hoping to get what money is coming to her, and everything they held jointly put in her name during this tax year while Dad’s three tax exemptions still apply.  Then, a sentence or two later, she casually asked me what new Toyotas cost . . . watch this space!