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According to my weather widget, it’s 18F/-7.7C.  Our predicted high for today is 31F/-0.5C.  We’re having a polar vortex — or it’s having us — I do wish the polar would keep its vortices to itself, but there it is.  I just made another carafe of Tazo Chai to which I am going to add some Creme Brulée flavored coffee creamer as soon as it has steeped sufficiently.

2014_11_12-02Monday, I did not get my draft dodgers made.  They are still not made.  I did do two loads of wash Tuesday and got them folded up or hung up as the case may be.  Beyond that, I was not motivated to do anything except lie in the bed and read.  One of the loads of clothes I did was the summer sheets and spread.  I folded those and put them away, and put the winter comforter on my bed (which matches my curtains), with the sheets that match.  I’m going to have to add a blanket as this comforter is not as heavy as the old red one, and consequently is not as warm.  I think I know where the waffle blanket is and I think I can get to it without an Act of Congress. In the meantime, the faux leopard print blanket has been kept in service.

I went to bed way early yesterday as I hadn’t slept well Tuesday night, woke up, lay in the bed and gulped down almost two thirds of Vanished by Kat Richardson, which is the fourth book in her “Greywalker” series.  Alas, I haven’t read book 3 yet.  Supposedly, you can read them out of order, but, oh, it disturbs my compulsive soul to do so . . . .

I did go to my knitting group Tuesday night.  One of the ladies wanted to know how to knit backwards, so I showed her.  Very useful if you’re doing a pattern in stockinette stitch and you hate purling.   LK, another of the ladies in the group, had called me earlier and asked me if I didn’t think the pattern for my Arrow Scarf could just be repeated multiple times to make an afghan, which it could, and would make a pretty one.  I wrote her up a pattern that just repeated the scarf pattern multiple times, but didn’t like the way it knitted up when I tested it, so I’ve rewritten it so it has the same number of stitches between the “arrows” all the way across.   Here’s the pattern.

Arrow Afghan

The pattern is in multiples of 24 stitches.
Works for any size needles and yarn. Do a test swatch at least 40 stitches wide and measure 24 stitches. Multiply that measurement x6. If that’s not as wide as you need the afghan to be, add width in multiples of 24 stitches. You will need an additional marker for ever 24 stitches you add, and you will need to do an addition repeat of the bit in parenthesis in Row 2 of the pattern for every 24 stitches you add.
With the pattern as written, you will need 5 markers.

Cast on 148
Row 1: K26, place marker, K24, place marker, K24, place marker, K24, place marker, K24, place marker, K26
Row 2. K2,*(K2, yo, K9, K2tog, K11) repeat from * 6 times, K2.
Repeat row 2, until the afghan is as long as you want it.
Bind off.

K = knit.
yo = yarn over.

Pattern is worked in multiples of 24 stitches with an extra 2 stitches on the left and right edges to make bars of 4 stitches between each “arrow”.