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bpl020Got all my errands run Thursday, but my mom still hasn’t been able to sign in to her bank’s site — 24-48 hours they said for her application for on-line banking to be approved, and it had only been about 36 hours by that point.  I haven’t heard from her yet as to whether or not she was able to sign in.  I’ve been banking on line for years now and I think I got set up one afternoon while I happened to be at the bank doing something else.   But you know how it is.  Nothing is ever simple.

IMG_1860I finally got the ends woven in on my pink and purple triangular shawl, but it’s not cold enough for it yet.  Will be next week, though. We’re supposed to be having a brief warming trend through Monday, with temperatures up into the high 70sF/20sC but a front is supposed to be coming through Monday night, with a predicted low of 31F/0.5C.  Tuesday’s high is predicted to be 47F/8.3C with a hard freeze Tuesday night with a low of 25F/-3.8C, and lows well below freezing until at least next Sunday.  Looks like the Fall weather is about to take the gloves off.

Thursday night, I also got  a piece of nice dark brown upholstery fabric, a remnant which was half off, but more than enough to make draft dodgers.  I just need to get the nonclumping cat litter.  I got an email that I’ve sold another book, so I’ll need to take it to the post office.  Petsmart is right on the way, so I’ll get the litter tomorrow.  The way the weather forecast is looking, I’ll need to get cracking and get my dodgers made Monday.  While I was in the fabric store, I also bought some fabric, two pillow forms and a pair of zippers so I can make pillows for my sofa, which I may also do while I’ve got the sewing machine out.  It’s beautiful fabric — a greenish silver grey the same shade as my thermal drapes, with a blue that is a little greener than the blue of my drapes but which matches the rug nicely. It’s a reversible fabric with an intricate design that mirrors the “oriental” design of the rug.  I think I’ll use the side that has the silver as the background.  Watch this space for pictures.

There’s a knitting/crochet show on the HD2 channel of our PBS station which I’ve started recording and watching.  On the last program, a lady gave a tip about when you’re worried whether you’ll have enough yarn to finish a project.  As she pointed out, it says on the label how much the skein weighs.  When you’re about halfway through, weigh the yarn you have left.  If it weighs less than half of what you started out with, get more yarn.  One of those brilliant ideas that make you smack your forehead and think DUH! (Like this one.) It’s an OK show, a tad on the twee side, but I gotta get on their website because they have free patterns!

Now, how to get my foot back under the lap robe without unsettling the cat? . . .  life is full of challenges.   Succeed and then realize I’m going to have to get up in a minute to take my dishes to the sink, make a pot of tea, get a container of (fruit on the bottom!) yogurt  for dessert . . . . and because reasons . . . which will mean totally displacing her.

I’ve been jonesing for some “chai latte**,” and last night at Walmart, I picked up a box of Tazo bags so I can make some (“chai” in America is the tea + spice mixture used to make masala chai)  While I was getting more almond milk, I saw they had Coffee Mate in cream brulée flavor.  I usually use almond milk for chai latte, but there’s 20 tea bags in a box and it’s a free country, so if I want to put Coffee Mate in my chai, I am perfectly within my rights.  I just had a big swig of some, so I can attest that it is Major NOMS. I looked for the pumpkin spice flavor Coffee Mate, but they didn’t have any.  (I’m beginning to think that all the good stuff goes to the WalMarts in Bucksville*, and the store I go to gets whatever’s left. )  Speaking of pumpkins, I also got a pumpkin pie (they were on sale), and I’ve been steadfastly trying to ignoring its siren song  . . .

IMG_1857The yarn I used to make my pink and purple triangular shawl is very soft.  I got some more in charcoal grey to make a vest for my mom using the shalom pattern.  At some point I plan to make another triangular shaw using that same pattern, but with “odd ball***” yarn for my BFF — a shawl of many colors, if you will.  I really need  to turn some sock heels, too, especially on the pair for me.  The socks I have a drawer full of are all right on carpet, but on bare floors, they are too thin to put much of a barrier between me and the vinyl “hardwood” floors over a concrete slab which are cold.  As I wear them out, they’ll have to be replaced with something significantly thicker.  I also really need to find or ghost a good shrug pattern for reading in bed.  Soon.  And make it up.  I was reading some this morning and I got cold arm syndrome.  Put my shawl on, which helped, but still had cold forearm syndrome. . . .  something in a really soft but not so heavy yarn . . .

*the part of town you have to have big bucks to buy a house in.

** What Starbucks calls the tea + spices used to make masala chai, brewed in hot water rather than hot milk, with milk added after it’s brewed.  You don’t get a lot of genuine masala chai in America because (a) our buffalos are really bison, (b) even if you could find some yayhoo foolhardy/dumb enough to try to milk one . . .

*** Yarn left over from another project.