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It’s raining here, with the occasional boom of distant thunder.  The grey one is asleep between my legs.  I’m wearing socks now and have been for about a week now.  I’m actually thinking about putting on a shawl.

Mom wants to do on-line banking, or at least be able to check her balance on line.  I get to try to set that up for her tomorrow.

2014_11_02-01The other night I dropped my keys in the parking lot and finally did in the little keychain Maglite flashlight I’ve had on my keychain for 20 years or more.  I tried putting in a new “bub*” which I had previously tested on a flashlight that works, and tried new batteries, also tested, and could not get it to work.  I put another Maglite I had on my keychain and have ordered a pink breast cancer awareness version as well as another blue one.  I like them because they’re not only well-made, they’re American made.  I’ve got one squirreled away in every room of the house in case of power failures, and I have a big one in the kitchen in case I need to take out the garbage at night and the parking lot light is out again.

IMG_1855I’m hoping this will pick up on Google:  I have Taproot Magazine, issues 1-4, edited by Amanda Blake Soule up for sale.  They are in like new condition with the exception that my name and address are marked out on the back.  Anybody who came late to the party and missed these issues and wants them can contact me via my blog and we’ll strike a bargain.

I hate to throw these away knowing that somebody may want them.  Hopefully, somebody googling for back issues will find this and contact me.



* Texan for “bulb.”