The purple triangular shawl is 99% finished.  I’ve only just got the loose ends to weave in.  Maybe tomorrow.  It’s not cold enough for it yet, anyway.  I’ll wait to take a picture when I’ve gotten it finished-finished.  I’ll need to post it on Ravelry as a finished project, and put the pattern where people can get at it.

I think the next time I get out and about, I need to check out the fabric store and see what kind of material I can find to make draft dodgers, and hit the pet store to see about some nonclumping kitty litter.  They’re simple to make.  Just a tube about 2 inches in diameter, with a circle at each end, and as long as the window or door it’s for.  Fill it two-thirds full of the litter, and sew it shut.  Voilá.  I’ll need one for the window in the office, a really long one for the living room window, and one for the front door.  Something like oilcloth would be ideal, or a thin flexible vinyl.  Easy to keep clean.   You can’t fill them full because you need to be able to fold them, especially the one for the living room window, so you can put them away.   (Speaking of nonclumping kitty litter, people who live in colder climes where it snows a lot more than it does here would be smart to put a bag of nonclumping kitty litter in their car trunk/boot. When you get stuck on ice, sprinkle some in front of your tires for traction.)

Haven’t knitted on the baby blankie for a couple of days.  I work Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and all that typing makes my hands hurt.  Three days in a row of typing for eight hours is just a tad over the limit, which is good that some of the work entails editing reports that have been run through the voice recognition software.  Gives my hands a break.  It’s like they don’t say anymore:  Needs must when the devil drives.  Or, to corn a phrase, I eat, therefore I type.

After having worked all weekend, my brain is porridge.  I think I want to do something mindless like eat crackers and play computer games for a while.