2014_10_20-01I caught up on my TV viewing last night.  Watched three episodes of NCIS, and the latest episode of Rehab Addict, knitting the while.  As you can see, I got quite a bit accomplished.  Because of the “K3, yo” bit at the start of every row, each row is one stitch longer than the last row, so it takes progressively longer and longer to knit a row.  I’ve probably fourpled the area that I put on after I ripped it out and started over Sunday night.   Compare with Sunday night’s progress …

2014_10_19-02As you can see, this is going much, much faster. The pointed end at the bottom tends to curl, so you don’t see how much pointier it is now.  I had the TV table set-up above sitting by my chair in the living room.  I’m ordering the 48-inch needle tonight and at this rate, it ought to arrive just in time.   I really like the Clover Takumi bamboo needles.  They don’t click and they’re not really slippery like metal pointed circular needles.

I’ve got to go get ready for the knitting group now.  Still have about half a ball’s worth to go on my triangular shawl.  I’ll take that project to work on.