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Tuesday’s high was 90 F/32.2 C. This is October, remember.   OUr predicted high today is 87 F/30.5 C.   There’s a thunderboomer icon for Friday.  Saturday’s forecast high is 66 F/18.8 C.  Sunday’s forecast high is 85 F/29.4 C with a blowing leaves icon that usually mean a front is coming through.  Not surprisingly, Monday’s forecast high is 69 F/20.5 C with a low of 44 F/6.6 C.  So for the next week at least, we’ll be having hot and cold blowing weather.  Slowly but surely, the weather is trending cooler, though. This apartment was fairly inexpensive to cool. My highest electricity bill was $80.  It’s easier to track my electricity use because my bills from the utility company are only for electricity.  Water, sewer and trash charges are billed separately by a separate company hired by the apartment complex.  I finally got a bill a month ago for three months’ worth, and it was $35.  I’ll wait until my next bill before I exult, though.

I’ve got electric heat here (I had gas heat in the duplex), and I’ve heard that there’s a lot of heat loss through the windows in the living room.  Not surprising.  These are single pane windows.  Not in the least energy efficient.  At least I’ve got good weatherstripping on the front door, now.  The piece of Styrofoam board I have put over my bedroom window to shut out the light has the added feature of helping to insulate that window, so my bedroom ought not to get so cold, which is good, because the bedroom curtains are flimsy.  The curtains in the office are heavy and cover 2/3rds of the window, so that’s good.  As I said, I’ll have to get some heavier drapes for the living room.  These laminate floors will be cold, too, compared to carpet, but then I can put socks on.  That’s the thing.  I don’t have to keep my apartment turned up to “hothouse.”   I can keep the heat turned down to a temperature I can afford and just put on clothes to take up the slack.  I’ve got enough lap robes to have one for every room.  They say electric heat is not as “warm feeling” as gas heat.  I guess I’ll find out if that’s true this winter.

That jive transcription outfit in San Francisco had a bonus of $0.08 a minute on overnight, so I racked up 44 minutes worth, almost $30.  Say what you like about them, they pay weekly, and I’m going to need to buy cat food this next week.  Cat food’s gone up, like everything else.

The VA  called me yesterday about an appointment with the podiatrist.  I’m sure glad there’s been a big shakeup at the VA about patients being seen in a timely manner and now I only have to wait until November to be seen.  Later today, I’m having lunch with my mom (we’ve got coupons!), and then we’re going to the bank to have my dad’s name taken off accounts.  I take it she’s gotten copies of the death certificate.  She also needs to get a new credit card, which she can do through the bank.  She had to have the one she had cancelled as it was in my dad’s name.

I went to the knitting group Tuesday night.  One of the ladies was out with cataract surgery, one was out with macular degeneration surgery, and one was out with knee replacement surgery.  Kind of tells you the demographic of the group.