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As I mentioned, at his doctor visit Thursday, my dad got a flu shot — and a very mild case of the flu as a reaction to it, as can happen even with robust, healthy people.  However, balanced on a knife edge as his functional status is, this minor reaction made things very problematic for my poor mom.  He had a bad night Thursday night, got up to go to the bathroom and fell.  Mom had a choice of calling 911, and getting an ambulance and a fire truck, two emergency medical techs and four firemen out to help her get him up, or calling the neighbor lady J, (who is a saint, by the way, and so good to my mom).  J, bless her, came over at 1 a.m. and they got my dad up and back in bed.  Friday morning, she like to never got him to his chair.  I came over, per SOP* to stay with him while she went to the beauty salon, got her car serviced, and got groceries.  It was an ordeal.

She had put a pad on him, which he soaked, as well as his briefs and pajama bottoms.  I changed pads three times (small payback for untold numbers of my diapers he changed!).  He unbuttoned his pajama shirt because he was hot, and all the time, he was responding to internal stimuli — and most of the time his false teeth, which don’t even pretend to fit anymore, made what he was saying unintelligible as well as incomprehensible.  Around noon, mom took his temperature and he was running a degree or so of fever, which is not surprising.

I ended up staying the whole day Friday until the home health lady came at 4 o’clock to give him his bath.  Mom and I got him to and from the bathroom one and 9/10ths trips.  The second trip, he missed the chair and ended up on the floor.  (We both had hold of him at the time, so it was a “controlled descent.”)  Between us, she and I were able to get him back in the chair, but he scraped the skin off a place on his back when he missed the chair.  Once the home health lady came to give him his bath, I went home to get some supper, tend to the kitties, and try to do a little work, but I went back at 8:30 to help her get him from the chair, to the bathroom, to bed — thankfully uneventfully.

My poor mom has been beside herself.  He has to be ambulatory, or the assisted living facility won’t take him.  She’s worried herself into a tizzy because she’s afraid he won’t be ambulatory enough, they won’t take him, and then what will she do?  As I pointed out to my mom several times yesterday, in the ALF, he will be required to walk at most 12-14 feet round trip to get from his chair to the en suite bathroom of his room and back, versus the 150+ foot round trip  he is required to walk from his chair in the den to the en suite bathroom back in the back bedroom at home.  He was able to do that nearly twice Friday — although it took both of us, me in front leading the walker and her behind him maneuvering, to accomplish it.

They’re going to have to get him into the ALF in a wheelchair anyway because he’ll never be able to negotiate the wheel chair ramp.  Tuesday is three days away.  He’ll be over his reaction to the flu shot by then.  Now if we can just get him into the ALF before my mom worries herself into the hospital.  Once he’s in, he’s in.  There’s a thundershower icon on my weather widget forecast for Tuesday.  I just hope it’s not pouring down rain while we’re trying to get him from the car to the wheelchair to get him in the ALF.

IMG_0849It’s been chilly and rainy here for the past couple of days, into the 60’s F/15+C to 70’s F/20’s C here.  Looks like Fall is upon us.  It’s supposed to be cloudy and rainy Monday and Tuesday, but up into the low 80’s F/24+C Monday.  Our predicted low for tonight is 56F/13.3C. I made my first carafe of hot tea of the season this morning (and the first in my new digs — another milestone!) I’m also wearing socks for the first time this Fall.  I’ve still got a summer house dress on, but I’m wearing my circular shawl.  Making it was time well spent.

I haven’t spoken to my mom yet today, but last night, I started transcribing a 1 hour and 57 minute long document which, once submitted, will net me nearly $100.  I need to get it finished and submitted before 7 pm today so it will fall into this pay period (which is deposited Monday) and I can pay my electric bill on time.  I’ve got 11 minutes of it done, but there’s still a long way to go, so I need to get cracking.


*Standard Operating Procedure