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The new wireless keyboard combo came today and I got it to talk to my old Logitech Touch mouse in about a minute and a half, which was one of the reasons I opted for a Logitech Unity combo keyboard + mouse product.  The Logitech Touch mouse scrolls like a touch pad — no moving parts — versus scrolling with a wheel, like most mice do, including the one that came with this keyboard.  I used to go through mice pretty quickly because the buttons and or scroll wheel either wore out, or got tangled up with cat hair, or all of the above.  If you have a pet hair problem, you should investigate getting a Logitech Touch wireless mouse like I’ve got. It takes a little getting used to, but I love it.  It’s sensitive and responsive, and I like that in a mouse. (LOL!)

One of the selling points of the  Logitech “Unity” product line is that the little button that you plug in the USB port can talk to multiple components, so right off the bat, you free up a USB port. The button can talk to any Logitech Unity keyboard or mouse, not just the two it came with, so if you have a keyboard + mouse combo, and the mouse dies, you can just get another Logitech Unity wireless mouse, without having to replace everything. Or, in my case, I didn’t even turn on the mouse that came with the keyboard.  I just started the software that came with it. It “saw” my old Touch mouse, they shook hands, and we were good to go.

2014_09_04-01I got the filing cabinet “installed” and the files and stuff in the drawers. I had to make some adjustments hither and yon, but it all works now, and so much better than it did.  The paper shredder is off to the side, standing on a little book rack.  That white “nose” looking thing is my tissue dispenser, which actually does have a molded nose on the side, underneath  which the tissues pull out.  The lady who was a transcription supervisor for one of the local hospitals had one, and I just loved it.  I tracked one down on the internet and bought it.  I’ve probably had it for 20 years. Of to the side you can see the little lap desk I got for my keyboard.  I’m going to be testing it out here in a minute after I publish this post.

Yesterday afternoon, when we were having our kibbles, we had a Kodak moment, and for once I managed to get a camera on it.  I think I’ll let it speak for itself.