Got Mom’s phone set up and all the phone book entries put in for her.  Thankfully, this phone has a “shared phone book.” If you put the listings in one handset, all the other handsets can get to them.  She had fewer than 50 entries, which was all the shared phone book would take, so that worked out all right.  The phone in her bedroom was connected by a four pronged plug as their bedroom still has that kind of phone jack.  I hate to tell you how long it’s been since telephones used that kind of a wall connection. The jack in my bedroom is still the old style.  The connection in the kitchen has been changed to the new kind, though. I suspect that happened when you couldn’t get phones anymore that would plug into that style of phone jack.  The one in what was my brother’s bedroom has been changed to the new style too.

One good thing about cordless phones.  Only the base unit has to be plugged into a phone jack, the one in the kitchen, as it happens.  The other two (or three or four) can be put in any room with an electrical outlet.  The old phone was mounted on the side of the cabinet.  Unfortunately, the way the wall mount for the base unit was on this new phone, once it was mounted,  my mom would have had to stand on a step stool to see to get her messages, so it had to be put down on the counter.  Mom wasn’t happy about it at the time, but I suspect she’ll warm to it.  Now that it’s down on the counter, she won’t have to go around to the other side of the breakfast bar to see if there are any messages, or to answer it.  It’s visible and reachable from either side of the breakfast bar.

Earlier this past evening, I hauled trash out to the dumpster, then stripped the bed and took them to the washer ready to wash after I took my shower and washed my hair.  The first load, sheets and towels, is in the dryer now and the second load, which is clothes, is in the washer washing.  My dirty clothes hamper is just the right size that when it is full, that is enough to make a full load in the washer.  It’s made from wood with inset wicker panels and has a bag made of heavy cloth hung inside it from two metal rods.  I bought it when I first moved in to the duplex.  It is sturdily made and has held up well.  Money well spent.