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Wednesday was payday, so after I daddysat while mom went to choir practice, I stopped off at Walmart and stocked up on all the things I can’t get at Market Street. They had all their stuff out for Tech’s back to school  — little dorm room refrigerators and single sheet sets, and Tech towels, and all that kind of stuff.  But they also had body pillows for $9 and a lap desk for the same price, so I got both. The lap desk will come in handy for transcribing work which I’m going to have to get busy and do because my dental insurance premium is due this month, and the body pillow I had got barfed on one time too many.  The filling is already lumpy and if I wash it one more time, it’ll be like sleeping with a bag of rolled up socks. Putting tennis balls in the dryer works for comforters, but pillows are too thick.  I suppose I could wash my Reeboks and put them in the dryer with the pillow, but I think I’ve reached the point of diminishing returns.  I’ve had it for over ten years and I think I’ve recouped my investment.

Walmart had a six-pack of 500 mL bottles of Gold Peak Sweet Tea.  I only bought it for the bottles.  The bottles are thick plastic with wide mouths and a substantial cap, and the labels come off without leaving a sticky place down the side of the bottle. They will work better for refillable water bottles than the kind of flimsy plastic bottles they sell water in.  Just a word of warning.  If you decide to try the Gold Peak Sweet Tea, it’s made with REAL SUGAR, which is to say, it’s about twice as sweet as I like it (44g of sugar in 500 mL, which is to say 15% of the US’s RDA of sugar).  It reminds me of how my dad used to drink iced tea.  It wasn’t sweet enough for him until about half an inch of sugar had settled out in the bottom of the glass.   Anyway, there’s only six bottles of it and if I load it down with ice, it’s drinkable.

This afternoon we had a right old thunder boomer, and it rained like sixty for about 20 minutes.  We even had chips of hail.  (Thank goodness the hail was no bigger than that.  We don’t have covered parking here!)  It was nice.  We need the moisture.

I downloaded the new beta version of Rhapsody 6.3. Although it’s slower than Christmas, it seems to work much better with the Sansa Clip Zip MP3 player than Rhapsody version 4, which is old, old, old.  For example, I could not get all 52 files of “Welcome to Night Vale” to upload from my PC to a version 4 playlist and was having to use Windows Media Player to download them to the MP3 player, but I was able to drag and drop all 52 files to the playlist I created in verson 6 and they downloaded just fine. Having a “Welcome to Night Vale” playlist in Rhapsody means I can access them from my Squeezebox internet radio and listen to them while I knit.

As I type this, I’m trying out the lap desk I got Wednesday night and it works great.  I’m all set to get busy next week.

I’ve been trying to get a sty at the outer corner of my left eye. I had them badly one summer as a child but I’ve rarely had them before or since.  I’m supposed to go pick up some antibiotic ointment at the VA tomorrow, which I will do on the way home from daddysitting.  I’ll be setting up mom’s phone for her when she gets home. I think they are going to work well for her.  They have black on white readouts, which are so much easier to see  than the black on dark amber readouts on her old phone.