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Sunday, after I got home from daddysitting, I had a little nap and woke up about 7 o’clock with thoughts of supper.  I sat at the dining table (for once!), drank Coke Cola*, dipped seven layer dip with blue corn tortilla chips and did some rereading of Ten Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Years With Pogo.  Bliss.  

Monday, I decided I really need to turn some heels.  I have three pairs of socks that have been knitted to the point that heels need to be turned. The thing is, when I’m turning a heel, and especially when I get to the decreasing part, I have to pay strict attention to what I’m doing and follow the pattern carefully, row by row, or I mess it up.   And while I was checking the accuracy of my Fleegle heel pattern, I discovered how to purl a row without turning your work — by knitting backwards!  This is revolutionary.   I don’t mind purling a couple of stitches as part of a pattern, but I hate purling a whole row, like you have to do in stockinette stitch. It’s also great because when you’re doing two at a time socks, you have the two balls of yarn that you have to keep sorted, which really gets tricky when you’re doing the decrease part of the Fleegle heel. Not having to turn your work means you don’t spend time making sure your yarns don’t get twisted.  I’m teaching myself a technique where I hook the yarn over the needle with my right index finger, rather than pulling the yarn over with my index finger and thumb like she shows in the video.  It’s slow until I get the habit pattern laid down.  But, once I do, it will look so cool!

The internet is a wild and wonderful place. 

There was a thunder boomer symbol on my weather widget, but the sun was shining at the time I noticed it.  We had some thunder while I was having a late supper.  It rumbled and mumbled, but I didn’t look out to see if we got any rain with it. It was dark already, and I couldn’t tell unless I can see that the parking lot is wet.   If we did get any, we probably didn’t get much.  Upstairs has the roof, so I don’t hear it unless it’s coming down at an angle and hits a window.  The weather widget shows thunder boomers for Thursday and Friday.   Early days yet, though.

One of the family friends that came to my dad’s birthday was telling me about a knitting group she goes to that meets on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 at one of the branches of the City Library.  I’m of two minds about whether I want to go.  In the first place, that branch of the Library is halfway across town.  And then I’m supposed to start daddysitting on Wednesdays now, so that’s three days a week I’ve got to be out and about.  She mentioned something about knitting in the car like they were going on a trip.  I need to check with my mom to see if they’re out of town this week.  Don’t think I would want to show up at the Library for the knitting thing and not know anybody there.  A bit awkward.

I ordered mom that new phone Sunday and she had me get the extra handset for the bedroom.  I’m glad she decided to get the third handset.  There needs to be a phone she can hear in the bedroom, so if she’s back there with my dad, she doesn’t have to leave him to go answer the phone.  Also if my dad falls back there or something happens, she won’t have to leave him to go get a phone she can hear to call for help. Amazon swears it’ll be here Wednesday.  I’ll likely be setting it up while she’s at choir practice.  I’ll have to “transfer” her phone book, which is to say re-enter the names and numbers in the new phone.  Hopefully, it’ll have a feature like mine that once you enter the information in the phone book in one handset, you can send it to the other two. She’ll like being able to access that info from all three handsets.  They’ve had the phone they’ve got now so long that when one handset went out, the only replacement I could find was on Ebay, and that’s been years ago. No wonder the displays are burning out.  The way they build electronics anymore, it says something that they’ve lasted this long.

It’s the dark of the moon tonight.  Time for bed, I think.

* Texan for “Coca Cola”.