When I went to get my mail today, there were two keys in the mailbox with the mail.  This is not unusual.  Because of the size of the apartment’s individual mailboxes, when the USPS brings you a package that is too big for your mailbox, the mail carrier places it in one of five very large boxes and puts the key to that box in your mailbox.  When you get your mail, you take the numbered key and open the big mailbox it goes to and get your package.  Once you open the big box, you can’t take its key out of the lock again, so you just leave it. I had ordered two books (how unusual for me!) and they were in packages that wouldn’t fit in my mailbox. I didn’t pick up my mail yesterday, so evidently one package was delivered yesterday and the other delivered today (otherwise, the carrier would just have put both packages in the same big box).

I opened one box, got my book, and then opened the second box.  behind the package at the back of the box was a tin of sardines in the kind of tin that has a peel off lid with a pull tab on it.  The tab had been pulled up just far enough to break the seal on the tin.  Thankfully, the sardines were packed in water, but even so, after having sat there inside the metal mailbox  in 90+F/30+C heat for at least a couple of hours, they were a bit, shall we say, fragrant?  The only person who could have put it in there was the mail carrier because they’re the only ones who have the keys to the mail boxes.   I was understandably bewildered, disgruntled and offended by this.  Needless to say, I called the USPS and reported it.

Now that I think about it, there were two cans of sardines sitting on top of the oversize mail boxes when I went to get my mail Monday.  They were stacked atop a “Lost Cats” poster someone had taped to the top of it.  They were both unopened then, though.  I wonder if somebody else got one in the mail?

In other news, today’s earworm is brought to you by The Riders In the Sky. (They’re one of those groups you know but you don’t know you know.  They performed a song for the film “Toy Story 2“)  Whoever put this video together used vintage cuts from the old TV show “Rawhide” including some featuring a very young Clint Eastwood.

Anyway, the little incident at the mailbox kinda bummed me out.  I’m going to knit and watch BBC “History Cold Case” videos on YoutTube.