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I mentioned in the last post about how I had become aware of a sense of the days drawing in, and was having those autumnal urges to knit.  It appears I am not alone.  Mama Soule has also been feeling the need for knitting to be in hand, and so has Tales of Simple Days.

Kind of in preparation for winter, I’ve spent the past couple of hours searching out internet radio stations that mostly play ambient and/or “meditation” music and putting them in Winamp.  I will go down the list of new ones and listen to each one for at least an hour, and at the first sign of a commercial, off they go.  A station ident is OK, if it doesn’t happen too frequently — like more than once an hour.

IMG_1694IMG_1691One of the kitties found their “spider” toy, which is really just a stuffed ball about the size of a tennis ball with string legs.  Don’t know where it’s been hiding all this time, or which one actually found it, but the white one was playing with it and parading about the house with it in his mouth singing the “Mighty Hunter” song.  He’s so funny when he does that.  I’ve got the rest of the balls of yarn (which are the kind I’m using for the triangular shawl I’m making) in a bag in a basket.  It’s sitting down in front of the end table where my printer is.  A while ago, the white one came caroling in and dropped the “spider” into the basket wanting me to throw it for him.  I threw it four or five times for him trying to get a picture of him carrying it around in his mouth, but he was too fast for me.  Now we’re playing guess what I’m whining about now.

Somebody at that jive outfit I work for has “reached out to me personally” to offer me a $10 bonus to use their jive text editor.  I’ll use it once just to get the $10 bucks, but I already know I won’t like it.  I’ve already got a bunch of text editing macros and a bunch of autocorrect short cuts set up in Word.  Probably this afternoon is when I’ll do the file and get my bonus. I’ve played around with it, but I’ve never actually done a job with their text editor, which is why I suspect they’re offering me money.  It won’t save me time because if I started using it instead of Word, it would take weeks to get all my autocorrect entries transferred over because you can’t download your autocorrect file from Microsoft Word and upload it to their jive text editor. I’d just have to stop and do them one at a time as I tried to use them and they didn’t work. And it would be a pain in the butt not to have my text editing macros (capitalize the next letter, go back and capitalize the first letter of the last word then hop back to where I was, go back one word and put a comma then hop back to where I was, go back one word, put a period, space and capitalize the next word, then hop back to where I was., etc.).   I know why they want us to use it.  Because when we use Word, we store customer files on our computers.  They want to maintain control of the material and fix it where we can’t store files on our own machines and have to store them on their servers.   Besides that, their text editor has built in software for playing back audio using a foot pedal, and I’ve already spent money on the Express Scribe program to play the audio using a foot pedal.  They;re trying the carrot first.  I suspect it’s only a matter of time before they start using a stick and require us to use their jive in-browser text editor.