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Dealing with role reversals and coming to terms with time.  My dad turns 92 next week. I spent all Friday morning with him.  Mom goes to the beauty “saloon” on Fridays, then she shops groceries and picks up prescriptions as necessary.  Today, she also had to get her yearly bone density test (She’s about to turn 90 herself) so I was there longer than usual.  After she came back, she realized she needed to get her car license sticker, and nipped off to do that while I was there.

I had some errands I needed to run myself and the last one took me into an area of town very close to the house we lived in when I started school.  Because they had torn up the block of 34th Street between where I had just been and Quaker Avenue, which is the street I needed to turn south on, I turned down Orlando Avenue instead because I knew it would take me down to the corner of the park I used to walk through going home from elementary school (1st through 6th year of primary school).  The park is a big square, a city block wide east and west, bordered on the north by 40th Street and by 42nd Street on the south.  It’s bordered by Nashville Avenue on the east and Orlando on the west.*

MaedgenThe school I attended is located at the corner of Nashville and 44th Street.  I’d go up Nashville to the park, cut diagonally across it, which would bring me to the corner of 40th Street and Orlando. At that point, it was two blocks to the house of the neighbor lady who kept us after school.

As I was driving down the street toward the park, the first thing I noticed  were the trees.  There weren’t any trees to speak of back then.  Now there’s a whole row of them and they’re huge.  Then I realized just how long it’s been since I was a child of 6 walking across that park! I remember having to cross it during sand storms. The wind always seemed to blow out of the northwest and I had to fight it across that whole long diagonal, where there were no houses to provide a windbreak.   I remember when the little playground was built.  How many times I passed by that playground, and yet I never stopped to play there.  It never occurred to me to stop and play there.

I can memorize poems and lyrics without a problem, but I had the hardest time memorizing the multiplication tables.  We almost always had arithmetic homework to do (my worst subject), and I would flip to the back of the book and chant them in time to my steps as I walked home.**

Speaking of numbers, my bank has decided to switch from using Visa for their debit cards to using MasterCard.  One would have eventually been mailed to me, but I couldn’t stand the suspense, and since I had to make a deposit anyway, I got the new one while I waited.  The bank guy shredded my old Visa card.  Now I just have to keep straight which MasterCard debit card  goes with my bank account and which one goes with my Paypal account.

I did 67 minutes of dictation this afternoon after I got home.  I had planned to work anyway, but I lucked out.  We were being given an extra 7 cents a minute incentive pay because there were so many jobs that needed doing.  The way I feel, if I’m going to have to listen to something for 10 or 15 or 20 minutes, I want it to be something interesting.  I was able to find some interesting ones, which is why I did so many minutes today.  Incentive or no, I’ll be working some tomorrow, too.  And at least two or three days next week.  Baby needs a filing cabinet.



*Our town is laid out on a grid –The east-west streets are numbered streets, with the numbers increasing the further south you go.  The north-south streets are Avenues in alphabetical order, A, B. C, and then the names of cities that have universities, again in alphabetical order.

** If God had wanted me to do math in my head, He wouldn’t have created calculators.