2014_08_14-01Stayed up late reading, and didn’t get up Thursday until after 1 p.m.  Walked out to check the Littermaid, and it immediately (and ickily) became apparent that someone (I won’t mention any names, but his initials are The White Cat) had refunded a hairball and about half a bowl of water, and managed to hit all three throw rugs in the process — the red and brown rug their dishes are on, the leopard print litter trap rug, and the gold floral throw rug.  I ended up washing all three rugs, plus I had to wash the other gold one that’s in the entrance way to balance the load in the washing machine.

Now that I don’t have a clothes line anymore, I really need to get a drying rack.  It doesn’t do my dining room chairs any good to have wet rugs thrown over their backs to dry.  Between the toilet tank shenanigans Monday, and the upchuck event Thursday afternoon, that’s twice in one week they’ve had wet rugs thrown over their backs.  Of course, the bath mats and the throw rugs are all rubberized on their backs so it’s not like I’m draping wet cloth over them, but still.

So, I put the rugs in the washer and cleaned the floor underneath them, and then vacuumed the floor in the hallway and then out into the living room/entry-way area. Then I tended to the Littermaid, and emptied the trash can that I dump the Littermaid containers into, as well as the kitchen trash can.  By then I was all hot and sweaty, but the washer wasn’t done, so I fixed some cords on my desk so they hang off the side instead of down the back, and vacuumed the plywood, and vacuumed the cat hair off my recliner.  By then the washer was done and I hung out the rugs to dry, and went to take a shower and wash my hair.

I ran out of cat litter Wednesday night, and I realized that what was in there wasn’t going to last until Friday afternoon, so after my shower I went to Market Street to get another container of cat litter.  And that pretty much shot the whole afternoon, because it was after 6:00 when I got back from the store.

I’m going to work Friday night and Saturday, and try to work at least four days next week, because I want to get a filing cabinet.

And I’m out of magenta ink in my printer again.